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  1. Altar of Three

    how do you become a priest of libilla tho?
  2. New to Wurm? Need help? Look no further!

    i just wanna know what that conch is for tbh lol
  3. My biggest fear realised- Why private servers suck

    like all games you run that risk of losing everything. i was playing skyrim last week and my computer crashed i lost my main my backup and everything on my hard drive because of it, being a gamer you just have to suck it up and move on if you still wanna cry...make your own server then long as your hard drive doesnt give out you will always have that char and server
  4. is it possible to be a priest in single player without "cheating" aka just suddenly having it? in wurm online you had to work hard...very hard to become a priest
  5. General Discussion

    a month??? i was self sufficient within a week....the only reason it took that long was because i didnt know how the heck to make fields lol
  6. General Discussion

    i for one am looking forward to playing wurm unlimited mainly because there were to many players in wurm online and very little places to actually build. i am not one for cheating so i will make it as hard as possible just like i always do. some people will abuse wurm unlimited sure. but i am gonna love the heck out of it i have plans for a huge drydock just like i was beginning to make in wurm online. dont you see everyone you can do what you want instead of relying on everyone else you can make your world the way you want instead of being forced to be the last link in the chain nibbling your way to the top like a half crazed wurm (yes that pun was intended) the biggest problem in wurm online is the lack of resources i was so excited to get my first unicorn in wurm only to find the next day someone killed it for fun. i just hope rolf wont screw us all over and get rid of wurm unlimited after a while
  7. Bought a big order and took 2 days delivered fast wouldnt order again tho just cause im broke! lol if i had silver i would definitely order again
  8. Reaping Souls since 1995

  9. Windy Sales - Ships and moor! by Grandma Ulvi

    the prices seem a bit high for the ships
  10. WTB 60s

    i am looking to buy 60s pm me here or in game UnholyReaper same exchange rate 1s/1e
  11. WTS 6-10k dirt

    do you deliver? how much per 1k?
  12. fast reliable and headless http://prntscr.com/771qq4 but friendly and great deal i plan to order again in the future
  13. wts silvers 1:1, have 0s in stock [close]

    will you have more eventually?
  14. Work for a noob

    i wasnt on today but usually from 10-9 pm mtn standard time or if im not on at that time means my schedule is flipped and its anywhere from 4 pm to 10 am same zone
  15. Work for a noob

    Hello and good evening/morning or afternoon fellow players! do you have work for a noob to do? don't wanna do it yourself? well look no further i will do just about anything within my skill level, which is low if you need 20k bricks i shall come to you and make them! (handling fee's apply) i can also make mortar if you have clay around your town or house, so grab the beach chair get it ready and i will do everything for you so you don't have to, i of course work for a price. i am however cheap, name a fair price and i shall do it i will go to any server besides chaos as well. eventually when i get premium and i get a better boat i can even bring mat's to you anything at all just give me time to fill the order Pm me in Game or on the forums and i will get back to you as soon as possible UnholyReaper is the name and reaping the rewards is my game please note handling fee's do apply i also shall not be held responsible for death dismemberment or maiming please keep all hands away from wild beasts to avoid injury and possible death and please for the sake of pie do not get caught beneath moving equipment thank you for choosing The Reapers Hold as your one stop shop for all your needs