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  1. yep, out as well. Server status shows Independence as 0/0 players.
  2. Oh good. Being next to The Howl, was worried.
  3. The ability to "legally" buy/sell almost anything in the game, including accounts, is one of the appeals of Wurm. I have purchased accounts. With several dozen tiles to collapse in just one project, I purchased a priest to collapse tiles as it was a lot cheaper and more convenient to pay the going rate of someone else doing it. I realize this might anger some players who may have felt "cheated" out of potential large amounts of profit, the truth is, I would have simply moved on otherwise. Also, I don't have the patience to do the grind to get a new character up to the level required to do this, so purchase was the best option for me. Especially while trying to do other work at the same time. On a side note (sarcasm included free of charge): If you want to start banning what you didn't do yourself, where do you stop? Banning account sales, deed transfers, gear ... did you craft, improve and enchant the gear you wear all by yourself? Yes, someone can start the game and buy a high-skill character to play with. Where is the harm? I don't see any harm to others outside of PvP, where complaints arise when new players don't roll over and hand over ransoms of gear or praise. But, more seriously, I would also like to see a method where character ownership could be tracked somehow and character transfers could either include a name change or a method of noting that the character has changed ownership. No, not sure how this could be implemented.
  4. Would be nice. Especially at Impalongs. As an alternative, could there be an additional tab for "Self" that only shows what directly affects you? (i.e. What you do, emotes that affect you, actions that affect you.)
  5. In a similar boat as well as needing to find a forest giant (when I'm not at work). Not sure why expiration date was needed when new characters would no longer be receiving personal goals. This will have to be another "oh well, could have been nice" moment.
  6. Imping Carpentry and a little Fine Carpentry
  7. I for one would like to see the affinity determined by the recipe and not the rarity of any ingredient or utensil (or cook, for that matter). Rarity already improves the quality, but when I'm cooking for a certain affinity, would be annoying to get a rare meal that doesn't do what I want.
  8. Please Close

    #6 1s50c Please CoD to Ternesjach.
  9. Path of Power has its uses. Not as popular as Path of Knowledge, but useful for some projects. If you do sell, may want to highlight the abilities available from this path as this is what will be different from the other priests that come up for sale.
  10. Please CoD a full set of 30c chain to Ternesjach. Also free recipes if still available.
  11. Please Close

    CoD to Ternesjach, please.