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  1. 50c each Statue of Worg Fragments x41 Statue of Eagle Fragments x34 Statue of Drake Fragments x42 Statue of Fo Fragments x17 Statue of Mag Fragments x17 Statue of Vyn Fragments x11 1s Each Statue of Libila Fragments x 11 Mask of the isles Fragments x 8 Mask of the shadow fragments x 8 Mask of the Ravager fragment x 7 Pale Mask fragment x 6 Mask of the Enlighten fragment x2 10s Each Mask of the ravager - 27.ql Mask of the isles - 13ql and 12ql Pale Mask - 17ql Mask of the elightned - 32 and 20ql
  2. Supreme unfinished Kiln - 10s (pick up c22 Elysium on Exodus) Rare small maul, addy (HD-N99-C100-BT10000-MS80) - 35s Rare steel helm(w78) - 5s Rare small axe (blank)- 4s Rare small axe (casted) 9s Rare oak mallets, creation ql - 5s each Crude shovels - 2s each Addy lumps -2s each Glimmer lump - 2s rare addy lump - 3s
  3. [18:34:22] You see a wagon under construction. Ql: 5.635744, Dam: 0.0. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The wagon needs 2 shaft, and 9 small iron nails, and 1 small wheel axle, and 2 yoke, and 14 plank, and 2 sheet to be finished. Can be finished into ANY kingdom wagon currently available on chaos and be finished in any wood type. (must be in the kingdom or have someone from that kingdom finish it for you) Asking 35s Pick up at C22 Elysium - Exodus - Delivery free to most coastal areas.
  4. I've dug up thousands of artifacts since reaching 90 (and used all my powder and sleep bonus to get there so i've continued with none). I've used 90ql trowel, then imped it to 97.5 to test. I've used a 90ql shovel and a 1ql shovel to test. I've gone to many different sites in exodus with multiple old deeds on them, and even went to indepenence to test on the oldest deed sites. Afaik - after you unlock libila statue at 60 - archeology is done ->. nothing more to see here folks. The Junk ql goes up at higher skill, but it's still junk in the end.
  5. I found that around 60 archeology - wait till you get to 90+ arch you'll find
  6. I agree on vyn bonus - keeps me trapped as Vyn Priest. It'd go nathan, but vyn and mag bonus's don't work together in the code AFAIK - Nathan is pretty useless. If vyn bonus wasn't there - i'd switch paaw or gary, or even smeagain
  7. Rather round-about way of saying "Were going to nerf smeagain (possibly vyn) to the ground, and slightly buff others"... Being a priest already has such gigantic many priest's will we need now for full spell coverage? 4? 6? how many batteries will those need? Paying 8 (16 with battery) Euros per month for access to one or two good spells?
  8. [13:40:33] A small fragment from a statue of drake. You think you could recreate the statue of drake if you had a bit more material. Ql: 23.945225, Dam: 0.0. 1 of 133
  9. confirmed, lol =) [16:29:33] The venerable angry kyklops is dead. R.I.P. [16:29:33] The venerable angry kyklops has been slain. [16:29:33] You loot a pumpkin shoulder pad from the corpse. [16:29:33] Rocklobstar picks up a pumpkin shoulder pad from the corpse. [19:09:37] Spooky, scary shoulder pads. They send shivers down your spine. [19:09:37] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'The .e.erabl. .n.r. kyk.ops'.
  10. I'd love if the daily cool down was removed on prayers. Having to have 7 peope gather for more faith is a huge hassle. In this way, you could pray all you wanted until the 70'ish, then the ticks become incredibly tiny - at 80's and painfully small, and there would be no point at the 90's. People would still have to gather for sermons if they wanted more then around 70 faith within a year, but forcing us to find 7 people for a bare-bones basic sermon, with the player base quickly vanishing, is pretty harsh.
  11. @Retrograde If you had affinites in Turrets and Artifacts - what happens to them when the skills are renamed to arch and restoration?
  12. Any remote deed you say...wish to connect you say...
  13. your asking if the the sellers moral is worth 50C? So your asking them to play unfair for 50c?
  14. 1 hour sniper from last bid - not auction timer