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  1. why not let us be priests and crafters? The work is already done, many private servers allow this. It would probably even bring tons of players back. Wurm's greatest strength is the "classless" system, so lets remove the priest class and merge them. The argument of losing premium accounts is no longer valid, the game is mostly empty.
  2. PC on Rare Cavalier Helmet, out of curiosity
  3. message me here or in game on Rocklobstar must be paypal verified!
  4. Still one account left, get your +50 body account cheap(ish)!
  5. bump, surely the b-stats are worth something?
  6. Wanting to sell some average accounts that i've had in storage for 3 years, gifted to me by owner. Perliana Observer on the path of knowledge Perlia Beast on path of insanity Taking offers atm. Discussion is appreciated, no idea what to charge for these, but i don't expect alot.
  7. Pm me here, in game, or on discord =).