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  1. message me here or in game on Rocklobstar
  2. Still one account left, get your +50 body account cheap(ish)!
  3. bump, surely the b-stats are worth something?
  4. Wanting to sell some average accounts that i've had in storage for 3 years, gifted to me by owner. Perliana Observer on the path of knowledge Perlia Beast on path of insanity Taking offers atm. Discussion is appreciated, no idea what to charge for these, but i don't expect alot.
  5. Pm me here, in game, or on discord =).
  6. Looking for Price checks, possible sale of my main coming up. Tomes: Smoke of sol, slime of uttacha, white cherry, red tome, green cherry, giant walnut, green tome, black tome, blue tome, libram of the night, tome of incineration, scroll of binding. Only missing white tome, blood of angels, red cherry. You have 262627 karma, how would you like to spend it? Miscellaneous Affinities: 118 Skills > 90: 32 Skills at 70-90: 22 Skills at 50-70: 21 100 Faith Vynora Priest 15 on path of Knowledge. Priest goals completed Free transfer to any religion available You have a total of 183 titles.
  7. rare saddlebags? cod Rocklobstar if so
  8. Sold

    close please
  9. 95 sold 1.05 pending sale.
  10. Haven't sold silver in awhile, but i'm sure a few old buyers are out there o/ 1s = 1usd, up to 2 gold for sale via Paypal!