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  1. Cod Rocklobstar the dragon shoulder pads?
  2. +1 I like where this is going
  3. 5000 karma per re-roll of personal goals - creates a barrier between frequent re-rolls, and ppl will help more with missions \o/ win - win!
  4. 2s for the rare bridle, cod rocklobstar?
  5. mask of the shadow fragment x1 - 30c each To Rocklobstar please.
  6. @RetrogradeAny answer to this?
  7. derp, my mistake yeah...late night forum browsing
  8. Still have the rare human skull shoulder pad? cod Rocklobstar if so =)
  9. Giltey casts Rite of Spring. Followers of Vynora receive her blessings! 5:33 PM - 25 Feb 2018
  10. Mask fragments - 30c each Statue fo drake, eagle, hell horse, word - 15c each statue of fo, mag, vyn, libila -20c each Can be combined to save on mail costs, thanks =) Sold so far -> 2x Fo, 17x Hell horse, 23x Libila, 3x Magranon, 6x Vynora and 21x Worg fragments
  11. +1, too bad we couldn't have this in a million years - it's a good idea that would be fun!
  12. I still have the reindeer, yes - let me correct whats left =).
  13. up
  14. I have one for sale 95ql - Rare - Oakenwood. Pm or post a offer =)
  15. Staring bid lowered, accepting buyouts via pm, added a new timer after last expiry.