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  1. bump, or at least remove the journal goals related to fishing. It's very bad, so bad i want to quit!
  2. Rare mask and rare staff sold. Rare leather knife and rare awl sold. Supreme Backpack sold. 4 snow laterns and rare small anvil sold.
  3. Taking offers in silver, thank you!
  4. current offer is 600e, if sold by tommorow
  5. organizing whats left, this can be closed, ty.
  6. it expired unfortunately, 1 hour has elapsed from last bid. you posted 55 min after him, if you would have bid, it would have extended that one hour
  7. current offer 475e, about half done cleaning out my possessions!
  8. cool, i'm online now - at d22 exodus, elysium.
  9. opps, will send with the right prices, sorry about that.