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  1. Euro payment is also an option fellas!
  2. Auction over, since lack of interest I have all these items still available, PM if interested
  3. Close

    5 hour remaining. Last chance to get this smith toon.
  4. Dont give out any details. The person who really has lost it. would know the location and other details. Confirm and give it back. Nice work you are doing here.
  5. Plan for a Plan

    Must do changes ! Join Chaos West to Pristine East border. Also allow all things to be mailable. Mailing from chaos to freedom should be allowed, even if different kingdom. Also reduce COD to 2 and 5 copper. No meaning of paying 2 silver COD for a 1 silver armour. Also for new players the 20 copper costs a lot and it would be better if the person working on tool would get that coin, rather then it going to complete waste. No need to merge any servers or form any new one for now. All is cool, just fix the lag in public events . Also if possible its time we add the player location on ingame map. Will help a lot. These suggestions are a must and will make the playing experience more fun. Thanks for making this post Rolf
  6. Close

    I understand that the time provided was very less and people need more time to collect funds. Thus the auction is extended. Enjoy folks.
  7. Close

    13 hour bump. tick tock tick ....rock, paper, scissors. bump pum pum
  8. Close

    Yes i would love to start at 400.
  9. If its your server and then after 20-30 minutes the number of mobs has increased a lot, thus the lag might start. Try will less number of mobs and maybe it will give better performance.
  10. Make a normal deed and set it as starter town. Select which kingdom you want to make it starter town of. Remember that you should be the same kingdom that you set it for. Make yourself of freedom isles and then set the deed as freedom starter town.
  11. Make kingdom starter deed. You have to check when forming a deed. To set as starter deed. Try that, it will work.
  12. He did not want to continue the bidding war and wanted to acquire the account so he gave me a buyout offer of 175 that I accepted. The account is sold now and thanks for everyone for bidding. Please close this thread.
  13. I accepted the 175 euro buyout and the sale is pending.
  14. Alrighty guys, i just woke up and saw it. Yes i am accepting silver with 1 euro to 1 silver ratio. Also snipe protection on. So if no one bids in 2 hours after the final bid, the final bid is the winner. Thanks