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  1. would make planks, shafts, boat parts, any wooden bulk item, make metal bulk items, could dig dirt, sand, clay, tar, peat, or mine I'm looking for a deed that can pay me to produce items in bulk, Melody, or Any other North Island if they have a boat to pick me up
  2. are you still recruiting? im looking for some deed i can work on in the caves
  3. i would like to join you but constructions make my fps low and the cave is healthier for me, if you accept that i mine and blacksmith i can join you my nick ingame viril
  4. I'm loving it, teleport system to wherever you want like recall runes, capital teleport, ability to flatten on rock tile outside the cave, different spells, like titanforged which is a super buffed botd, and also descrease gestation that releasing repeatedly can make the creature pregnant give birth, the treasures can spawn creatures and depending on the ql of the treasure it can even spawn only, the treasures can give as prizes dragon skins, rare unfinished boats and a different coin (medallion) that can be used to buy supreme, fantastic bones , masks. and also the possibility to create dragons that are basilisks, ride them and make babies, tame them to help you in the hunt
  5. a mask complete [09:10:41] You successfully recreate a mask of the enlightened from the fragments