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  1. All gone

    nothing to see here
  2. im not suggesting youre trying to make money and rip people off, paypal fees arent worth it on tiny transactions. sorry you come from a place where youre not allowed to criticize poorly planned ideas.
  3. paying 30cents +3% or whatever the paypal fee for 1 item sounds like a great plan
  4. id like to make an appointment for a 90+ courier enchant at D20 exodus, i have veggies but i dont have a nahjo altar nearby!
  5. Been kinda looking for a blacksmith whose value wasn't inflated by op body stats and fighting but I'm bad at pc estimates
  6. longsword, iron 80ql NIMB79 LT75 COC81 - 2s30c (+any demise for free) animals demise please cod to szai <3
  7. fine fishing rod, willow 90ql - 70c toolbet, leather 90ql - 1s 4x saddle, leather 70ql - 40c cod to szai please, no rush thanks <3
  8. Sold

    It will all be gone by the time I get home from work /cry
  9. Archaed invented the Rainbow, glad to see this back in business!
  10. would like to buy your top shelf saddle this one -> Saddle (Leather) 90 Q - WoA 90 1.90 Silver cod to szai please <3
  11. more PCs please im interested too!
  12. it would make the Queen look fat