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  1. it would make the Queen look fat
  2. that Hatchet is off the chain
  3. let me know when there is a half off sale on the priest
  4. anyone have estimate on Aesir?
  5. anyone got a ballpark price check on the vyn priest? ive been interested in acquiring one for some time
  6. Got a load ready to go.
  7. The priest is fairly sexy, might make an offer in a day or 2, cant quite yet
  8. and cod to Szai please if still availible <3
  9. shovel, BOTD89: 1s 44c 90ql +1s 2s44c > 1s96c <3
  10. taking trades for the account? I got a 2003 Buick LeSabre!
  11. I Dont know you personally, think i bought 1 order of assorted stuff once, but i was always impressed how you were always at the grind, making all kinds of things at reasonable prices. Glad youre not leaving, im sure if someone bought your account they wouldnt be able to continue your efficient and reliable work.