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  1. Baloo has some good points and I agree... lower the flat bridges, please. +1
  2. 6.09ql 95coc pickaxe 6.10ql 94coc hatchet CoD to Robique please
  3. Nw Xan Impalong

    Yet another master blacksmith + 88 platesmithing.
  4. Making steel sucks too In the end, having CoC water that can't be used means I'll use up more steel for the same amount of skill, while grinding. (84 plate armour smithing here)
  5. I agree with you on the first part, we shouldn't be required to find workarounds (less efficient workarounds, might I add). But that comparison is not accurate whatsoever. Let me explain my thought process as best as I can: On one side we have tailoring with 0.20kg strings of cloth. Strings can be combined to utilize the CoC enchant, or can be used individually to use less materials. On the other side we have plate armour smithing with 0.40kg lumps. Lumps can be combined to utilize the CoC enchant, or can be used individually to use less materials. (can imp leggings and two sabatons with one lump to make it 0.02kg, then use it to imp a breastplate) I think we can agree that in both cases above it's a tedious work, that saves up some resources and can't be used efficiently with CoC. Now, lets get back to the topic of this thread: On one side we have tailoring with CoC water that works. On the other side we have smithing with CoC water that doesn't work. As I said... apples and oranges. I think I made my point.
  6. Well, the fact still stands that he can use a CoC string. He just chose not to, in order to use up less string than it's supposed to by default. Same thing can be done with lumps. Bring the weight of the lump down to minimum and then use it to imp a breastplate or something. Comparing string for tailoring/ropemaking and water for smithing is just another case of "apples and oranges".
  7. String can be combined in the same way as any coc lump. Activate the small piece of coc string, right-click and 'combine' it with a big merged string that has the quality you need for imping. Not sure what's the maximum weight of one piece of string, but I just got something over 9kg which is more than enough for any kind of imping action. So yes, you can use a CoC string.
  8. Yep, that would be nice. As it is now, only WoA enchantment on the tool that's being tempered speeds up the timer.
  9. Not permanent, but can be refilled without losing power on the coc... much like tools can be repaired.
  10. Was there a response of a dev to any of those threads? Anything would suffice. Even "We're not looking into this and never will. Make your peace with it."
  11. Indeed, tempering action on a WoA enchanted tool takes slightly less time. So that theory might be true actually. Looks like this whole problem might be solved by getting 60 CoC enchants on my grinding tools instead of one on the water. Edit: Nevermind, doesn't work for CoC enchants... And here I thought we had a really convenient way of solving this!
  12. I'm sure there's also a good reason on why Nahjo priests STILL can't mine. Pretty sure lots of people reported that issue. But don't worry, in a couple of years we'll just ignore it altogether, cause it's always been like that. Anyway, back on topic. IF in one of those "100" reports is a response of a DEV to this problem, saying it's supposed to be like that, I'd love to see it.
  13. A lot of people said that it's a "bug that has been overlooked for years"... So not sure what to believe now.
  14. Yeah, that's what I've been doing so far. I don't see any tailor doing that tho. Why? Cause the same item (coc water) used for the same action (improving) actually works how it should.