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  1. I plan to continue writing :3 and I can't actually find the screenshots i've taken of the place, but when i find them, i'll show you guys!
  2. We, are like the humble hermit crab. We out grew our home, so we sought out another. Our village. Back on the rainbow mountains. She was a hard place, dangerous to even walk. We were secluded, cut off from the world, and had little room to grow. I, and others, knew we could not long survive nor prosper in the lands, so we decided to leave. There was a division between the villagers. Those of us that wished to stay, and those who wanted to leave. We suffered a division and lost family and friend alike, the day we set sail. We did not know what we were looking for when we left, but when we found it, we could not deny our hearts. It seemed like months, traveling the seas and exploring the islands. We were running low on supplies, and morale was becoming low, but right when we thought our quest was for bought, we found the promised land in the oldest part of the world. An ancient ruin, which caused our breath to halt. An old city, long abandoned. Only a shadow of it's former glory. A small whisper, in the wood. We couldn't help but feel that this was our destination, our goal, our new home. Looking back now, I know it is what had called us all that time. Beckoning, pleading, begging for us to reclaim her and breath new life into the land. Finding home was only a small part of our journey, however. As we explored the ruined city and delved into the old mines and dungeons it became apparent that the hated enemy had reached it's invading hand into this part of the world. The old beasts. The ancient Fomorians. The monsters. They make this land dangerous as well, but we know we can't allow them to scare us off. Not now. We fight them off, defend ourselves with the rich resources we pull from the earth. Weapons and fire and walls, all built for our survival. We are strong, and so shall prove it. Our flag will stay where it stands and grow more powerful with each passing day! Our enemies and any threat shall fall before our wake, and bow as our city rises to outgrow the horizon. No hardship will, nor can, stop us. The whispers in the wood, shall be loud, once more. __________________ Case anyone was curious, this is the back story for the new settlement of Whisperwood. It's a new village on the independence server and this story is true :3