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  1. So when animal crates are implemented I am sure there will be many possibilities for buying and selling of various breeds of animals, so instead of overloading the regular wtb/wts sections of the forums I think it may be a good idea to add a new section for this new trade commodity. I am sure there are many ways to sort out the headings even more, horses/livestock/aggressive. I know there has always been a market for this, but due to being server specific, the market has always been limited, animal transportation is going to change this drastically.
  2. hardly premature when it comes I am sure the wts and wtb is going to be flooded build it and they will come
  3. Obviously its going to be a fair amount of animals/wild animals pretty much anything that can be lead as stated. If you are not sure which animals can be lead, look it up on the wiki =p
  4. On freedom a warning is given that you have entered a hostile perimeter on the second inside perimeter tile, upon reaching the deed itself the gates go on lockdown.
  5. For placing flags and lamps we really need tile borders to show up on bridges, and why must lamps be planted on fence corners before the fence is built, missing tile corners and borders on completed fences makes it impossible to plant a lamp on a corner or trellis alongside.
  6. A lot of fancy mods I see in WU are idea's players have suggested over the years, and its great they are getting done and certainly helps in showing the dev's these are things the players would like to see. Maybe have someone re-post your fancy color shots in suggestions saying hey, we want this too!
  7. So even though I have the zinc targeted, while mining if I look away from the zinc I end up mining down the floor. Sometimes I like to look around while I am mining and not fond of having my face planted in the target all the time. This happened while clicking on the action bar and not using a keybind. This is with the Unstable client
  8. So there is good reason for not being able to cover a mine entrance with a bridge above ground, at least I think there is anyways, but why do we need the same rule set underground, currently it is not possible to connect a brdige directly to the mine entrance tile or adjacent underground which kinda kills the options for making something interesting. I recently removed my rock ramp into my mine and replaced it with a bridge, this free's up the tiles on either side of the old ramp that take up a fair amount of room, but I was stuck with leaving one of these in place due to not being able to connect a ramp adjacent to the mine entrance. Picture for the explanation follows:
  9. didn't they mention you must be able to lead the animal to load it into a cage, hence no boat loads of spiders I have yet to see someone dominate a unique since I started, so I don't think that will be a problem.
  10. botting gone wrong? curious how many actions does it take to cut down trees with a sickle =p then again, what would you be picking in the winter other than pinenuts in a few days =p
  11. -1 because you have this tool and if the village will not manage there citizens, well boot them from the alliance, that simple +1 on information though such as village's members belong too, no fun going from village to village to see who is where
  12. On animals that suddenly become uncared for perhaps a change can be made to increase the time till they suddenly hack out a tongue and die? So your favorite venerable animal can be safely transported to a new server and cared for once unloaded. This will be a exciting feature, I do hope the large animal crates will not be bigger than a large crate, be nice to be able to transport 4 horses and a wagon in a knarr, where there is room in a standard knarr for a wagon and 4 large crates. Also it would be nice to be able to put these crates into a sailboat, would make for more interesting pvp I would think if you could crate 5 horses into a sailboat. Also for the new player in a rowboat to be able to transport cows/sheep/bulls/chickens/pigs.
  13. LOL Don't fix this one, I discovered there is no way to get a mailbox moved to the top floor of a building a few weeks back, when I gave up on trying to get it upstairs I pushed it through a doorway to leave it outside the building, but that doorway was under the end of a bridge and poof, the mailbox vanished on me. For a few days I thought the mailbox was stuck inside the building wall, but then ran into it on the 3rd floor, so this actually can be called a handy feature, like being able to teleport carts/wagons to upper floors.
  14. they are not 'your' uniques till you kill it there is zero 'stealing' involved nice of you to mention the money value, what do you do with your shares? give it to charity? lol
  15. Reylaark, here is your answer for no more worries about unique spawns: http://store.steampowered.com/app/366220/Wurm_Unlimited/ Play solo, make a server, set your own rules!
  16. Make that 2, lol, my latest fruitless search, but was fun 2 hours climbing a peak and first death since leaving chaos, lol rip res stone, scratch this spot of your search:
  17. Love how you rewrote that to suit what goes on in your mind. This is how it works, people have alts log in around the clock all the time, this is nothing new, people do it for sermon groups, traders or whatever else turns there fancy, maybe they just monitor there animals, the point is no reason to put a end to this because you are not happy about it. Scraping the twitter is a silly solution just so you can have your private unique parties at your convenience. If you want to slay a dragon go out and look for it, don't want to put the time in, well stop your whining about it.
  18. Well you could deed it and end having to repair your fence. Perimeter decay on fences on the other hand is brutal. If your fence is in that bad of shape, may be easier to just take a battering ram to it and rebuild it. I do not think they will change the requirement of how many planks or bricks or whatever to repair a fence, as this would affect the pvp side too much.
  19. Again the old argument. No one owns uniques other than the people that find it and kill it. If you want your server to be private there is a solution for you Odynn, here is your link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/366220/Wurm_Unlimited/
  20. So you would like to see Niarja and all the twitter broadcasts that run it closed down?
  21. It was added to create 'PvP' content by making folks head over land to defend deeds. This it never accomplished, but at the same time it was implemented it punished the entire freedom servers with the silly restriction. Since it was added, there has been less PvP and all sorts of frustration on the freedom side. I am sure this is an oversight as it should never of punished the freedom side of things.
  22. I did, its someone being lazy, buy any toon and use skills you don't need to bumping up other skills. Turn those 99 miners into fighting accounts!