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  1. Personally I couldn't care less about items going either way. It is the huge influx of pvp ready accounts that freedom does not have, and this would imbalance chaos in a big way. Now the shoe is on the other foot and the doors been opened for a huge influx of accounts that epic would never of seen. But since the wurm staff have made zero effort to correct all the problems with chaos I really don't give a rats ass either way anymore.
  2. Other than a game like wow, new players are always far behind the old vets playing, its the way it is.
  3. at this time 216,000 bundles sold assume they get the default setting, so roughly 22 cents which comes out to about $47,500 enough for rolf to go on vacation a few times
  4. Isn't he already on the record for saying there will never be player transfers?
  5. It is a mess for sure, you know Exodus is lag free, unless you are near sandhills or toc.
  6. The desert up in NE Exodus has been modernized with a highway system that runs the perimeter of the desert making access easy for all your hunting needs. No more worry about getting lost while traveling the wilds of Exodus, up in the North East anyways as there are handy waystones at every corner to guide you home after a hard day of hunting. I will be expanding the highway system to fully complete the coverage of the North East and parts of the North Central making it easy for any remote deeds to connect to the highway system if they so wish.
  7. I leave those for you, I think they are mostly unfinished highways at that.
  8. Lobsters need not apply, sorry but we just can't let anyone connect we do have standards.
  9. Oh yeah, its fully connected to Esert and a few deeds near Esert, as well as a corridor that runs 3/4 of the way down the Eastern coast of Exodus.
  10. Either of these are poor reasons. Freedom has always benefited from the chaos players, they buy your materials, your tools for 2 examples, there are more I am sure.
  11. Grumpy was shocked to death when you showed up! 8)
  12. I was wondering when this argument would come up, epic is getting a bum rap either way, but I look at the freedom to epic move as a way of opening the gates for epic to freedom, neither of which should ever happen.
  13. because horse speeds fluctuate enough along with every minor bump in the road changing your speed I would hate to see pavement changing the speed as well each time you are just a bit off the highway possible alternate choice would be make cart/wagon speeds affected by quality of vehicle much like boats are now affected, give people a reason to imp stuff to 90
  14. Here is what I have learned so far to help anyone thinking of building a new road with the catseye/waystone system, if anyone else have some handy tips, feel free to post here. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1enAogVQhXsDvKrOT0DCna5zWh-z4RCsN9ABxMnDSmjw/edit?usp=sharing - Highway System Documention 1 - Survey the section of the highway you want to convert. You will want to check deeds along the route as well as the perimeters of deeds. If there is no permission to add a highway to a deed, you will have to stay on the outside area of the perimeter, have not tested a deed with the kos system turned on yet to see how close you can go. Max Slope for Highway Pavement is 20 - Check all slopes on the highway, and adjust as needed, easier to terraform before you start dropping down catseyes preventing pavement removal if needed. - For diagonal roads the combined slope of any two consecutive sides of a tile cannot exceed 26. - The game doesn't care whether you paved the corner or used the regular pave. Either way it counts as a paved tile. - Remove any unwanted paving along side the highway, paving can be added later, but it can not be removed once the catseyes are in place. 2 - When starting out make sure the first action is planting a waystone on the deed you are starting from, this needs to be 1 tile in at the very least, then you can start planting the catseyes from the starter post on. 3 - If you plant a waystone at a intersection, make sure to continue the catseye placement in one direction only, planting a single catseye in each direction at the intersection will end up becoming a closed loop leaving the only option to correct it being to swap out each catseye with another waystone. 4 - If you have waystone to spare, it may be helpful to install one at each intersection you think may become another highway and or a road leading to a deed. If not it don't matter, catseyes can be swapped out for a waystone at a later date. a tip from Niki, if making many catseyes it is helpful to use wind of ages on the eyes (eyes can be combined), coc may not be a bad idea for paving skill gain at the same time I found butchering bulls and huge spiders to be a great source of eyes. For those that do not like the off center placement of catseyes on a 3 wide highway may want to try a zigzag pattern when placing catseyes where you alternate from one side of the road to the other. Does not work well though with 3 wide diagonal roads. Catseyes and Waystones like anything else need to be at least 10 QL to plant, improving these will give paving skill. I find that dumping all the catseyes into a bsb/crate when making a batch even's out the low ql ones nicely when I do a batch of a few hundred seems to always be a few around 1ql. Catseyes and waystones can be removed on deed using a crowbar and select pry, off deed a crowbar is still used but the waystone or catseye is destroyed. Swapping a catseye out for a waystone or vice versa using replace and will save the item being replaced. For those wanting to connect there deed to a highway system, 2 settings found under the Settlement Management, Manage Settings need to be checked off: (second option is only if you want your highway listed in the find routes list) KOS must be unchecked.
  15. already have runes and hell horses to make your wagon quicker -1
  16. convert to magranon, he is not so fussy about what you do buildings or pavement no need to reinvent the system
  17. https://niarja.com/skill_compare?skill_name=Body+Stamina tells the story
  18. I don't think any freedomer is going to click on a portal and rule epic, there is the matter of armor and weapons.
  19. Simply not enough manpower/time to arrange this type of match.
  20. How many 100 skill titles been unlocked on epic compared to freedom?
  21. If the manes are too hard to figure out, look at the hooves, jets are red and pies are purple, the very bottom of the hoof that is.
  22. This deadhorse has been brought back to life, lol.
  23. So this sale has put out 157,000 copies of wurm unlimited, what is the big draw for this package, is it borderlands? I have watched the trailers for the borderlands but not sure how fun a old game like that would be, might buy them though for the hell of it.