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  1. Sure it is, but normally there is a good mix of various colors, since the patches this has not been the case any longer.
  2. I assume the very high ratio of wild grey horses is due to this problem?
  3. Good grief, that was the reason for wanting it indoors? ? On that note, if you are using a merchant for personal storage, set crazy high prices on all your goods. There are so many ways to cheat the system to access merchants through window's and other means that you can end up robbed of your items if you left the default prices set to a few irons.
  4. So you are saying players making there own maps and keeping track of deeds and towers is too meta for the game? You prefer no one to use maps ever? Good luck with that, map information is too important and a very big part of wurm, if its not maybe you need to delete all the links for player made maps off the wiki and stop doing map dumps, or provide a real time map update for wurm that shows deeds and towers and level the playing field for those not good at keeping track of important details, this would of course remove some aspect of strategy for expanding and planning out kingdoms. One thing for sure, you can not expect the player base to be content with the poor in game map that lacks any type of accuracy when trying to pinpoint locations. No matter what you come up with, good players will always have a superior solution to keeping track of resources.
  5. sounds like a mess of coding for the pvp side of things
  6. Securing your deed mine with reinforcements was a big deal prior to underground dwellings, security can be achieved now by fencing in access or gate houses, so perimeter reinforcements are no longer a big deal for this aspect. Now that there is no way to remove these reinforcements stuck in no mans land it would be hilariously easy to grief someone as oblivion pointed out by simply tossing in reinforcements all over the place.
  7. Once when mag champ with the mag bonus, I spent 2 days doing in a reinforced tile, it was quite boring. What is the point in making it hard to remove a reinforcement on freedom for something off deed? Nothing off deed warrants this much protection on freedom, this is supposed to be a sandbox, if the resources in this mine is so important, then deed it, or use donut houses to lock in whatever. Using erupt is not really making it so easy to remove a reinforcement, it still takes 2 days to perform this task if you have access to this meditation path.
  8. Token at the bottom and expand the deed to meet the needs, or goat shape it up with sandwich's. This instance being able to use erupt would not help if the spot is hard to get to.
  9. Path of Power does not affect PvP at all, as this can only be used in your own kingdom on the PvP servers. Only reason this was changed by a stealth nerf over a year ago was one of the dev's decided no one on freedom should be allowed to remove off deed strong walls at will. Sure you can drop a deed, but when it is impossible due to either random 1x1 houses securing an area, or a perimeter that can't be changed there is currently no option to remove strongwall other than a rare as hell mag priest, and even if you have access to a mag priest you could literally spend days sacrificing door locks and casting over and over on a slim chance of success to blow out a strong wall.
  10. Looking for new ways to chain towers? Maybe build more islands.
  11. This would be a cool feature to have added to ships, we already can add a rune to affect speed, so having a nautical compass that could be added on would be nice. Much better than having to bail out of the boat for a compass reading, but for now a fast high ql compass is better for this than a slow one. Everyone hates getting out of there boat though, whether its to get a compass reading or those times you cross a server and get dumped in the water, either case is a pain in the arse.
  12. Well if you use the wrong wood scrap type, you will know on the first barrel you seal by the message in the event window, in the case you are creating more than one barrel this would solve making bigger mistakes. In the case you were just making one barrel, you would know you done it wrong at the moment instead of learning there was a mistake 5 days later.
  13. You create a fermenting white wine. No where does the above line suggest the wine will become anything else but wine. If it should be turning into vinegar, it should show as such: You create a fermenting white wine vinegar. The dev's made a recent change so folks would no longer loose a harvest action if the bucket is full. It would also make sense to fix the creation text for creation of wine and beers and the various vinegar's so it would show what the result was once the unfermented product is sealed in the barrel to start the fermentation stage. There is no mystery to hide any longer as all this information is on the wiki.
  14. needs woa and a harvest rune
  15. Even if all the islands were placed on a small server like exo it would hardly be noticed. The servers are like 1/2 water or more anyways.
  16. It is the easiest task in the game, the 30 seconds between bash's provides plenty of relief for my aching wrists.
  17. This thread isn't about fences or signatures, its about lazy players who can't deal with a simple problem themselves.
  18. There is as much need for sigs on fences as there is on houses, its none of your business who built it, unless it is blocking access to your deed or a building off deed, then that falls into the category send in a support ticket. That is pretty much a cut and dry case. If the fence is off deed and you don't like it there is a easy means to remove them with no need to cry over it, just do it.
  19. Why waste the GM's time over a fence you can remove easy enough. Only need to take out one section, and if you dragging your alts to do the mission, or have friends with you (there is no point in just doing a 17 person mission yourself) it takes no time at all with several people bashing to remove the offending blockade. And if there is a gate involved, you can see who owns the gate if it is locked.
  20. Had that happen on one of my deeds where I had locked gate in front of one mine and a 1x1 house in front of another, the people driving carts where they shouldn't be got stuck in the same manner, one with a cart crashed into a gate and another cart lost inside the 1x1 house.
  21. If I build my own mission structure and then a donut house around it so you know we can do the missions when they come up (since the budda nerf and they now worthless to do), cause lol at doing that with a fence anyone can bash, tough tabooties to you. There is no rule breaking there, it may be frowned upon, but its not breaking the rules. We never closed off a mission structure someone else made though. Crying over a fence is hilarious though, get over your bawling already and bash it or catapult it.
  22. We don't need another server that would be under utilized, there is not the player base to support it. Running into a nogump though on freedom? Priceless, these would build the community as players call out for help in dealing with a rampaging val mob.
  23. Some people never use local, or even look at it. I always ignore niki too.
  24. I played a year on chaos where you could be jumped anytime by a valerie mob, this made roaming around hunting very exciting and dangerous. It made guard towers more important if you encountered more than a few at a time, nothing like targeting drake spirits and calling guards on each one to split up a group. Newbies learn to survive this in a pvp environment, I am sure freedomers could cope with it too. We don't need the landscape saturated in these, but a few here and there to spice things up would make for an interesting change of pace and not make things too hard to cope with.