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  1. I figured..... but it was worth a try
  2. Exactly Finnn, I keep hearing that it's going to be the same game just a new cluster. If we are currently playing the version that will be released on Steam I think it could done with no issue. Who knows.
  3. Since more and more of us are stuck home with this pandemic would releasing the new steam version of Wurm Online earlier than June be something that could happen?
  4. Not sure if this has been brought up before but I think it would be really nice to be able to make forges, ovens, fireplaces, etc.. out of clay bricks or even other types of stone or iron/steel. Thoughts?
  5. Is Xan still down? Not able to log on.
  6. Anyone having an issue with the journal being empty? It's just a blank box when I open it.
  7. Same. Lag has been increasingly bad over the past few days. Played briefly this afternoon and now unable to log in at all. This is getting quite old.
  8. Any white ones? Not very colorful I know.
  9. Stop planning new stuff until you can get the old stuff working maybe the ENTIRE XANADU SERVER. The daily server crashes and multiple lag spikes would be a great area to start on.
  10. Just asking because it really seems like a low priority at this point. Daily server crashes are getting old.
  11. HAHAHA you cheated and got caught and got smacked with the ban hammer. Now you cry about it? Glad to see you leave. If that's the way you act do us all a favor and go back to WoW. o/
  12. Me and Nosstic have been working on our place for about 6 months. Still have a long way to go! Wanted to see what you guys think so far. Well nevermind. Cant get the screenshot to show up :/ Trying it this way.....
  13. Since the update all of the chairs and benches on ground floors are now sunk into the flooring. Looks like I am only allowing Hobbits to have a seat.
  14. She is KOS on my deed, so I wouldn't have trusted her for a business transaction to begin with.
  15. Good news is that Xan is finally up. Bad news is that the log in server is down now.