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  1. If they are made angrier and add a crowd of minions +1 πŸ˜ƒ They will be in the castle and it needs to be besieged with siege equipment
  2. You are absolutely right. It's just that I, with DnD, tend to consider the concept of "healing" as a whole process of not taking damage. I do not support simply changing what is already working by simply flipping a switch. Yet again. I agree. Perhaps you misunderstood me or my poor English is to blame. I will repeat myself again. The expression "Bring back healing in PvE" requires more thought. I do NOT support a simple solution to reduce or remove the debuff.
  3. me πŸ˜ƒ Sometimes I just want to get away from mere affairs and do something where I can move around and not drag things from one menu to another πŸ˜ƒ In order to just do other gameplay, I have to play other games, warframe, etc. I have hopes for new content with goblin camps. Yeah. And the pet system has also been in the game for years, and the bow has not changed much. Does that make these aspects good? =)) And at that moment, the moment will come that they give you more options for actions, ranging from crowd control to the maneuver system. In most cases, you have the ability to pull out a difficult boss with different mechanics, so to say "I did it on the tips of my nails" It’s just that when you don’t have variability, questions arise that something that already exists does not work as efficiently as you want. I am a supporter of the fact that any changes and expansions are the path to evolution. Stagnation only leads to degradation. Of which LT, ED, and healing spells are in the same resist pool, and you can just get to the point where they don't work at the same time. And cotton in battle to use this for yourself. If you could throw a trap or distract with a pet, or somehow divert attention from yourself and wrap one or two wounds. That would be interesting. But the only thing that can be abused is flawed AI. What is not very good. And we have to thank the developers that with such AI we do not have the mechanics of "evasion" Otherwise, our game would turn into torture. I'm not advocating the idea of reducing magical healing resistance. But the fact that something needs to be done is yes. Last but not least, Alchemy. Why can't you get drunk on different potions like the Witcher. Or apply oils (which give a temporary effect) to the weapon. Rework traps, finalize the taming system, etc. It's easy for me to talk about PvE. Maybe. I play with my brother and we have the same adventure together. I can cover for him and he for me. But I doubt that most of the same gameplay. But I tried "ambushes" alone. And when 2-3 champions come out, it becomes hard. If you do not use the imperfections of game.
  4. How I envy you all. I can't fully play right now T_T. From my memory, I can say that there was nothing complicated in the rifts. Just a coton in more boxes and healers with stocks of things to donate more. Everything came down to routine. I arrived. Turned off the sound. Beat dummies for 2 hours. Periodically leaving to bandage. The last time, purely for myself, I prepared stones and stored up "mana" in order to put a wall of fire there, to call on worgs. Well and , hentai tentacles to call(Thanks to the great goddess of the seas) . All this was essentially absolutely useless and simply cosmetically satisfied my eyes.
  5. +1 πŸ˜ƒ And speaking seriously. Then just add non-magical ways to heal yourself. Alchemy potions, disinfecting bandages and so on. I tried several times to visit pvp. In battle, I lived for 30 seconds, maybe 40. It's not balanced anyway. And as far as I can see, not popular. One way or another, code separation is already present. Then why not move in that direction. That does not interfere with the same WoW. Separate things and mechanics for pvp and pve. I do not know how and what happened in my life, maybe because of the external environment. But I just prefer to avoid unnecessary activities in the form of PvP. I remember those days when I wake up to an alarm clock because of EVE online. Or in reconnaissance and ganking in the enemy's UO while they are in the process of farming. But it was all exactly until the moment when I graduated from the institute. Something took me away to the wrong garden. No offense to PvP players will be told. But let's face it, you're not the only one playing the game. And you pay a monthly fee on a par with PvE players. And you need to think about convenience for both sides at once. Or take the courage to realize that code splitting is inevitable. As a programmer, I also fully understand the complexity of this process, and that it will make introducing new content more difficult. But then there is a great expression "If you deny, then offer"
  6. Great news and simply magical update. I am very glad that such PvE activity will finally appear. I hope that we will stop having problems with electricity. By the time this content is released.
  7. Yes, this is my dream. I've always loved tamers, hunters, and summoners. +1 for sure.
  8. +1 I believe I can fly......
  9. How do you do it? Teach me master πŸ˜ƒ
  10. Many many many thanks. Orientation in the mountains with olives was monstrous. But I did it with your help. I didn't think that the map could be so difficult to pass.
  11. +1 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I want it, and on banners. God, how beautifully it will be possible to decorate a camping stall and at home.
  12. I don't know what exactly was changed. But Xanadu became easier to focus on and the maps became a little easier. Maybe I'm so lucky. Maybe it would be interesting to introduce something else like "research" into the game. For example, I came to the hint zone, looked at the "map" with a diopter. And there was a second clue. Let's say the second circle on the game map. Then it would be possible to localize not along a huge circle, but already along the intersection.
  13. I would add that it would be interesting for a jeweler to make a frame, and something would also influence the material of the frame. We actually have a similar mechanism with rift runes. And still it is possible to develop idea. The processed rune in the frame must be inserted into a clay flask and a feather added. And this tool will allow you to write scrolls.
  14. +1 Just a great idea. Makes them really not for the "chosen ones" πŸ˜ƒ