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  1. Maybe at least early access in steam ?
  2. The idea is good. Since it is very difficult to break into a private group, especially for people like me. English is not my first language, and I am not that chatty either. And I can't normally make friends. Especially those who are strenuously hiding their actions because of competition =))))
  3. It would be nice at least just a little bigger, just a roaming monster. Orcs, ent, zombies, hobgoblins, kobolds, etc. ... Maybe it would be possible to do something like cemeteries with teleports to some kind of dimension "afterlife" with monsters, etc.
  4. Because that's her thing. Like clearing traits from Fo or breaking tiles from Magranon.
  5. +1 Better representation at Rifts I have long wanted to participate as an archer. But I just don't get points participating