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  1. Thank you for the help! Melkurion
  2. I have large rocks scattered across an area I want to make into a horse run. Is there any way to remove a large rock? I cannot right click it as borders and the tile show up but nothing saying rock. I searched the forum for removing rocks but did not find a thread but then again it is not daylight yet so maybe I just did not see it. :- Any help greatly appreciated! Melk
  3. Good day, I love the look, idea and feel of this game but I really don't want to create a character on a server only to have the person maintaining the server to quit and have all that i have done vanish. I found the Wurm Unlimited feature and managed to get both the Adventure and Creative servers to at least come up and let me create a character on the server. Are there any tutorials on these two servers? I imagine the Adventure Server to be one with existing Kingdoms and therefore political issues and could probably be quite a bit of fun trying to find my way through it but I cannot find the documentation. I tried YouTube but I confess, my time has been very limited due to real life issues so I was hoping someone might have a link to some documentation on the difference between the two servers that come with the game and maybe some "how to begin" very basic information. I do like to figure things out so I don't want a hand holding tutorial but as an example, for the life of me I could not figure out how to simply terraform a path four of the panels from the water to some rock at the base of the mountain. It was very steep and though I dug, dropped, flattened and rinsed and repeated, nothing got me close to that rock face and then I was simply killed by a huge scorpion. I would love to play on a server with others but the game has been out for a couple of years and if you are that far behind you are unlikely to be able to join in on many activities other than asking for help with trolls etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I really need a good place to simply relax and let my mind be a bit creative as I am retired, not by choice, and nothing to do will have you talking to the walls in no time. Thank you! Melkurion
  4. Good day!


    You seem so helpful to everyone I thought I would contact you directly as I have already posted but think I posted in the wrong areas.


    I have WURM from my Steam account.


    I am trying to start the Adventure server but I get a popup old DOS box obviously for Java but it goes away before I can capture it and the server never starts.


    Do you have any ideas?  


    I am an ancient programmer but was forced to retire in 2011.  I coded last 11 years in Java so fairly familiar with the language.


    In Local Server I named it DwarfHaven, and port is 3724.  2 players max, epic, no PVP and clicked Home Server.  1 Home Server Kingdom.  Hit save and no errors so far.


    I saw BrightBerry and 2 other players under player.


    I click start server, get a fast popup box and then nothing.  Nothing ever shows in LAN.


    Any ideas?



    1. bigsteve


      If you could post all the java errors, (there will be quite a few) from the wurm.log.0 located in the adventure folder i could find out why the server is not starting.

  5. I hate to add additional posts when I have some out there but did not see this when I posted earlier. If anyone has admin, please feel free to delete my other posts; I am just trying to get WURM to come up locally. I see this message about Servers but I get the same messages about PLAYERS and POSITION. Manage Server does come up but when I try to start the Adventure server it does not start anything in LAN. Can anyone provide guidance?
  6. I downloaded Wurm Unlimited off Steam. I also installed Java just to be careful. When I try to start the Adventure Server for a local game, I get a Java error message that Player information could not be loaded and I never see the server in LAN. I confess to putting another question out there about this but I saw a question on an Internet Server and thought I might get lucky and someone might be able to help. Should I delete everything from Steam and download it again or is there something else I might be missing. Again, I want to do a local game, not an internet game but it will not start the Adventure Server.
  7. Since no replies, yes I have Java installed. When I try to start the Adventure or Creative servers, I see a Java error that it cannot find player information. I searched the web for that message and Wurm but did not get a hit so I thought I would try here. I am following the guide but I want to do a local, not an Internet game so I hope I still do not have to go through all the port work? Any help, even a link would be appreciated.
  8. I am trying to create a local server to play on but I am getting Java errors and the error mentions could not get player information for one. Is there a How To guide on creating a local copy to play on? Thanks! Melk