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  1. i think WS should be overhauled, it just never fit the whole parent and subskill system
  2. awesome merchant, got a lot of good and highquality coc tools. surly will shop here again
  3. I currently have nothing in stock. I can create any Weapon on request, prices are: Large Mauls are +20% 60ql 1.0s 65ql 1.5s 70ql 3.0s They are always made of iron unless you supply the material of your choice. There will be no upcost. You can also send me your already finished weapon for an imp to the desired QL. The imp costs less for each QL-milestone on my pricelist. If a 20QL weapon cost 20 copper and a 10QL weapon cost 10c, then the imp from 10 to 20 would cost 10 copper. When imping if it changes rarity the total cost of the imp changes: Rare 12s Supreme 50s Fantastic 1.2g
  4. Closed

    think 10 tomatoes for 3s is a bad deal
  5. LT casts are good for your soul.
  6. I think creatures should have the same movementrules as players. They can go up and down x slope and that's it. They should also suffer in movementspeed from terrain and such. like walking on tar makes them slower for example.
  7. realy if you dont prem you lose out on many things. you wont be able to kill a troll with 20body stats, fighting, weaponskill, weaponql etc. as is with most things, you will also be unable to build large buildings, or a smelter for example.
  8. like something that cant be done afk is killing mobs. How about traveling and getting some temporary bonus which gets used up in killing mobs? could be anything as reward realy some minutes sleepbonus, some copper, rarely moonmetal. i dont know
  9. its true, i wont touch medidation ever again
  10. every skill has this sweet spot thing right? i dont understand it tho. also how is it intresting? this should be more publicly known that if you imp something abouve your skill you get higher gains.
  11. yeah the skill is just so bad nobody will pick it up and instead pay silver for it. now if i need an enchanted weapon this early. i can buy that. if i need enchanted tools, you'd guess it, i can but that. being financial fluid and not limited in what i want to buy is like a good experience for me. simultaneously WS was a ###### experience. i mean look at channeling and priests. i could never fathom doing that because it limits me in too many ways. yet enchants sell crazy high. i think if there would be no profit nobody would do it.
  12. nah man, i just did it for the profit, gambling no one else will do it.