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  1. I think it works quite well on 3 lane highways, but going 40+km/h on a horse on-deed with a 1 wide path then no, it's horrible. Getting out of the farm is uhh... annoying. would be neatif we could lock on N/E/W/S for long canals though and that is what this achieves by having that low sensitivity when starting to turn
  2. 55s is what i offer to buy it back considering the imp and rune price
  3. Bump! Only 5 left to grab with the black Friday deal!
  4. It's currently reserved, will let you know if the deal goes on, else you can take it
  5. [RESERVED] Pickup only @Rishywill mostly take over sales through the weekend
  6. Happy Shiny Friday everyone! As a wonderful deal ALL of these knarrs have to get a new owner! That is why we are offering a Black Friday Sale! Every rare knarr goes for 60s 54s 32c 10i just the next 48 hours So this sums up to: Willowwood Raspberrywood Pinewood Walnutwood Rosewood Lingonberrywood Chestnutwood (Hi Docterchese! I heard you like chestnut chairs) Lemonwood Lindenwood Orangewood Cherrywood Cedarwood Grapewood 13 Rare knarrs in total! Not an auction but using the auction timer
  7. As promised but forgotten -> 1 rare oakenwood knarr
  8. I totally forgot to bid, but now it's too late
  9. I need 0.5kg of drake hide, i'm paying the market standard 50s/kg. ty!
  10. I have an issue on my building ''Smithymcsmithface'' on the deed ''Archeon'' - Independence where 2 of the bridges are unpassable when riding a mount or a vehicle going outside, going inside works as expected. I had GM @Vayucome by and confirmed it: [01:45:04] <Vayu> But this is the first time I've seen someone use this bridge configuration with floors [01:45:43] <Vayu> You can mention that I came by and saw it being weird if you like. Here are some screenshots to further clarify: From this side the bridges are unpassable This bridge works in both ways: And last, another point of view from where you actually can enter when riding a mount / vehicle: I hope this clarifies it all enough
  11. WTA this awesome white drake hide set. It was made by @Fraskesawhich makes it even better! Took an awful lot of time to rare all of it and they will ALL be imped to 95ql at least. Some stats: This set has gotten me from 1.0 leatherworking to: [12:27:20] Leatherworking increased by 0.000069 to 98.849121 Starting bid: 3g20s Increment (minimum): 2 s Buyout: 6g 40s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: No
  12. I'm close to rare a whole drake hide set with so far a supreme boot and pants, just miss a rare boot. Are you interested maybe?
  13. [16:18:25] <Harryvederci> just dont starve please [16:19:30] <Teeebomb> this will be my plan a, lol So i suppose plan A didnt work?
  14. Thanks Shakron for all the time you hosted niarja and the amount of work you put in it. Also thank for still supporting it after the "I don't care phase" your work will be remembered for a long time!