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  1. Bump! Only 5 left to grab with the black Friday deal!
  2. It's currently reserved, will let you know if the deal goes on, else you can take it
  3. [RESERVED] Pickup only @Rishywill mostly take over sales through the weekend
  4. Happy Shiny Friday everyone! As a wonderful deal ALL of these knarrs have to get a new owner! That is why we are offering a Black Friday Sale! Every rare knarr goes for 60s 54s 32c 10i just the next 48 hours So this sums up to: Willowwood Raspberrywood Pinewood Walnutwood Rosewood Lingonberrywood Chestnutwood (Hi Docterchese! I heard you like chestnut chairs) Lemonwood Lindenwood Orangewood Cherrywood Cedarwood Grapewood 13 Rare knarrs in total! Not an auction but using the auction timer
  5. As promised but forgotten -> 1 rare oakenwood knarr
  6. I totally forgot to bid, but now it's too late
  7. I need 0.5kg of drake hide, i'm paying the market standard 50s/kg. ty!
  8. I have an issue on my building ''Smithymcsmithface'' on the deed ''Archeon'' - Independence where 2 of the bridges are unpassable when riding a mount or a vehicle going outside, going inside works as expected. I had GM @Vayucome by and confirmed it: [01:45:04] <Vayu> But this is the first time I've seen someone use this bridge configuration with floors [01:45:43] <Vayu> You can mention that I came by and saw it being weird if you like. Here are some screenshots to further clarify: From this side the bridges are unpassable This bridge works in both ways: And last, another point of view from where you actually can enter when riding a mount / vehicle: I hope this clarifies it all enough
  9. WTA this awesome white drake hide set. It was made by @Fraskesawhich makes it even better! Took an awful lot of time to rare all of it and they will ALL be imped to 95ql at least. Some stats: This set has gotten me from 1.0 leatherworking to: [12:27:20] Leatherworking increased by 0.000069 to 98.849121 Starting bid: 3g20s Increment (minimum): 2 s Buyout: 6g 40s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: No