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  1. could you place my deed down please contact me in game and we can get a better location of it
  2. I have my deed named Ring of Honor location at 59 X 59 Y right now the edge of the shore
  3. Lost Ship

    its some where indy I live S 24
  4. Lost Ship

    update I have changed the name too PM NuMaiky if found!
  5. Lost Ship

    Hello I am looking for my lost ship the name is Pretty Kitty ship type is COG I would be very greatful if you can find this please thanks I will be online for a fair amount of hours if you wish too contact me in game please do so NuMaiky thanks
  6. Hello I am looking for a modder that can make mods has experience and willing to make a few mods for my server and keep them to update Contact me with questions or if you wish to take the job request
  7. Hello as a GM player I have used the wand and right click skill learn and given Affinities to a player but they have not stayed at all each time they log off they lose it I am wondering if theres a way to make this stay no matter what
  8. thanks that works but I am looking for buyers NOT for the whole amount but just in amounts they need
  9. Brash I have made around 3900 soo far soo yea getting the 30k would be easy and Trasnporting I would use a ship for it in large crates
  10. hello I am making 30 k mortar I am looking for ppl who want to buy all of it or parts of it I get a fair large amount done each day my question is about who would like to grab some cost are 500 Mortar = 1.5 Silver 5000 Mortar = 15 Silver 50000 Mortar = 1 Gold 50 Sliver please contact me will Deilver anywhere OTHER then Chao's Deilver 1 silver charge min Contact NuMaiky ingame ( indy server ) thanks
  11. Hello there how much would 20 silver cost me?
  12. I am poking you again and I am sorry ummm you have iron ore do you guys have copper ore as well or anything else ?
  13. I have a few question I would like to ask of you could you pm me in game Server indy name NuMaiky
  14. has a point being that you can put them meaning they already have the Effects they just need to add it to an item its a super easy fix
  15. hello there I am making this today to ask the players too see if they also want the same thing I want I am looking into the Armor Stand I would like too see if players want this item to display each Armor type placed on it Chain for chain Leather for leather plate for plate you get the point I think this is a good idea and would show more of art into someone's house please leave the poll and state a comment