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  1. Mclavin wins bid with 20 silver how do you want the item?
  2. stylish pad, stoneshards, rare gliimer lump and 2 crystals have been sold
  3. hello I am selling everything that's in this pic thanks
  4. I am selling a Supreme Horse Shoe on a Auction Starting bid - 15S Bid increment - 1s No reserve - if the minimum amount is bid. No buyout - please put your offers into the thread as a bid. 2 hour sniper protection
  5. Rare Bed gives 1.25X on Sleep Supreme gives 1.50X on Sleep And Fantastic gives 1.75X on Sleep make items like bed VERY USEFUL other things would be EPIC TOO SEE
  6. Hello I am NuMaiky I am starting to see that some Rare's are good where other are basically worthless I would like to see some Rare's have added Effects that a lot more useful to a player below are idea's for starting idea's Large Crate's 300 item limit Rare Large Crate's 350 item limit Supreme Large Crate's 400 item limit Fantastic Large Crate's 500 item limit I see that crates are used for hauling large amounts of stuff and Rare's should have some good effect rather then the crate it self taking 10% less damage other items as well should have small Effects as well such as "rare Large Chest has +10% vol ( just like the rune but with out it being runed) if you guys HAVE other ideas please post them here DISCLAMER THIS THRED IS NOT TO ATTACK PLAYERS FOR THERE IDEA'S THIS IS FREELY ASKING NICE thanks
  7. update The whole set of armor has been given a Rune's [23:41:47] A single tin rune of Vynora has been attached to it, so it will increase the chance of increasing rarity when improved (10%) each part has a rune added jacket Both boots Both Sleeve's Pants Both Glove's
  8. hello I am looking to trade a Red Dragon scale set for a Blue Dragon scale set I am willing to trade this fully imped set plus cast and rare for a 1 - 10 QL version with NO casts on it at all basicly a crafted set anyone willing to trade please contact me in game or via here thanks will add + 35 s to the deal as well
  9. no adware at all no program nothing other then Wurm online locks up my computer its the ONLY one I run other programs PERFECTLY Any other ideas
  10. ok this is a hard one to explain I click on the Wurm online Short cut to play wurm loads the Java then loads the Wurm online banner after it loads the banner it lock ups the WHOLE computer for like 4 mins everything from windows to browsers to video too youtube EVERYTHING then wurm log in screen loads and I can play other then that I don't like the lock up sometimes it crashes me too bluescreen that's happen 3 times NOW FOR THE SPEC'S I am running windows 10 64 Bit Java 64 bit version I7 5820k GTX 1080 DDR4 Ram 4200 speed if you need anything else please ask
  11. Auction is over items are sold faty please pm me in game NuMaiky
  12. SOLD

    I have a chunk of Black Dragon Scale 0.43 KG 84.66 QL I would like to sell if you want it give me a offer here or contact me in game
  13. 24 hours and Auction ends from this time stamp