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  1. Hello by any chance do you have this item still?
  2. i like this idea and would very much want to see something like this in the game +1
  3. Hello my name is NuMaiky i am owner of a massive area called Ring of honor i be 100% blunt there is NO demands at all enjoy and have fun we have mining digging anything that can be used welcome new players and old players alike!
  4. i am thinking of a Rift tracker for all the Rifts you done and show you your best and worst and dates and such just giving an idea how well your doing as you keep going onward what do you guys think
  5. Hello there i would like to snag 50 silver please let me know when your online in-game name Numaiky
  6. i confirm the bar has NOT changed after update
  7. Skill tracker window under hud settings was showing a yellow bar moving from left to right as you gained skill its now just showing a full yellow part no matter what is done screenshots below
  8. i am looking for a Supreme Longsword my current one Rare Longsword, Iron c 98 lt 97 n 95
  9. Due to crap in real life I was unable to have internet for the last few weeks I am sorry I have it back now would you still like me too send the item?
  10. Hello I am selling a set of 95 QL Rare set of Chain armor Start bid: 15s/u Bid inc: 1 Snipe protect: 1hour Buyout: none No reserve. 7 day RE SET