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  1. Located on Xanadu K25 "Lofotr Li". Starting bid: 7s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: no Sniper Protection: 1hr Private Bids: Accepted
  2. Easter Dragon

    Awesome, thanks!
  3. wtb supreme gf with botd, 1g. On a serious note, I don't see a reason for this to be implemented scriptwise. If you'd like to do something like this in-game, roleplay it and have fun, use your imagination. No need for a text command to say you are "married." And an absolute no to kids.
  4. I have everything maxed out on my 1080TI, runs smooth locked at 60 at all times. What CPU's are you guys using?
  5. Did not work. We tried everything we could, ended up with him/her having to use a GM tool to remove the added structure and for the record if it matters; nothing was started building on either of the "planned" walls that was added.
  6. Hello, Today the 18th of January I tried to remove a plan I added to the outside of my building on a tile with the command "Add to building". I misplaced so wanted to remove it, tried right clicking the tile and hit "remove from building" this msg is displayed; [17:43:39] <Ronbalder> [17:43:34] You already have a building under construction. Finish that one before trying to work here. Tried many tools, tried bashing it, nothing worked. Tried being inside the planned structured tile, outside it, whatever, nothing worked. So I received GM support to remove it and was told to report here.
  7. #2 compass 83ql w91 1.5s to ronbalder
  8. Can you add "Lofotr Ii" to 7468, 3937 (K25) ?
  9. Dear Wurmians, Reaching out to see if there's anyone on Xanadu or on the southern freedom cluster that needs a helping hand. We have a newborn and times are tough (most likely for a lot of us) so to keep my small deed up and running I'm looking for any kind of work out there. Highway making, digging, whatever. Able to travel far to get some income. If there's anyone, please let me know and have a great weekend. RonB
  10. Hello, do you have saddlebag and bridle? If so can you cod ronbalder?
  11. recomended, very friendly, fast service, great guy, even threw in something for free