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  1. Rare lantern, hammers, etc

    Selling some leftovers from a grind if anyone is interested 50ql rare lantern, iron (3s) Iron hammers, 50ql (10c) Horse shoe set, 50ql (20c each set)

    +1 again from me.

    +1, rec
  4. +1, recommended. Professional and very fast. High standards.
  5. Golden Maple View

  6. Scaffolding

  7. Crash trying to launch

    It works for some people by not doing anything, however after multiple crashes on my side what I did to fix it was; Updating java to the latest version. Click the java client, configure java, unter temporary internet files click settings and then delete files and clear the cache.
  8. [Xanadu] Amish Paradise Stables

    Recomended, great people to deal with and helpful
  9. Bought a full chain set, was ready within an hour, really good customer service with guidance to deed and full life support, recomended!
  10. WTB compass

    Willing to buy a good QL compass!
  11. Close

    Bought, close
  12. Close

    Hello, i'm WTB a 2h sword, 70ql+ w/ LT.
  13. trees not producing fruit

    It can be off by a few game days, thats at least how it was on WO. Just wait a bit and you'll see.
  14. negative feedback from steam

    You'll always get negative reviews, and if you take a look at them - most of them have a very little playtime in general which shows they gave no effort whatsoever into the game or even took a few hours to learn. Wurm got a steep learning curve and I remember when I first joined Wurm Online, I played for literally 30 minutes then left. A few years later, I tried it out and I spent a few more hours and I got hooked. Besides, Wurm isn't for everyone.