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  1. As long as there would be some form of controls over the animals sounds the level of obnoxious could be mitigated somewhat. it is very hard to believe that hardly anyone else has any input pro or con about this issue
  2. I have a few suggestions I would like to see revisited as I am sure they have been posted before, I felt a new thread instead of resurrecting an old years dead topic would be better. 1. Docks / Piers - a bridge type item without railing or maybe only on one side. Something to park a ship next to that can be higher for the cog / caravel / corbita or lower for the knarr / sailboat / rowboat without having to pile up a ton of dirt. The ability to embark / disembark to and from and the ability to load/unload cargo onto. Add a bollard item place-able only on docks or piers that can be rented like beds so players can lease slips for boats to be parked for land locked villages to have a safe non-decay point for their fleets. I understand with the current land bridge dirt method some of these things are possible but not very immersive or even attractive and for some of us that's a big part of this game. 2. Animals that make animal noises, Cows that say moo, dogs that bark, horses that neigh, chickens that cluck, cocks that cockadoodledoo etc etc... Make it so people can toggle this on or off if they don't like it but give us the choice to hear them. It is my understanding that this once existed in Wurm so maybe the frame work for it still exists in code and wouldn't require too much to make it happen? Quite alot of folks I have talked to don't even play with the sound on but maybe if there was something to hear other than a looped ambient tied to a tile group they might.
  3. WTS Rift items ++

  4. Would like to place an order for a hatchet 90ql with 90+ woa please.
  5. WTS Rift items ++

  6. WTS Rift items ++

    bump... Added new items and reduced some prices
  7. WTS Rift items ++

    new items added
  8. new 80ql steel plate breastplate with 81asop, great price and fast delivery!
  9. Great deal and fast service! I will return for all my Plate armor repair and imping needs
  10. For the last several days (3-4) I have been noticing that If while mounted (cart or horseback) my speed is reduced while engaged in combat if I move after combat has begun. At first I thought it was just maybe wind or direction / terrain incline or animal hunger. For a test I ran around a flat paved area and was getting speeds of 16-17km/h. I sat still in the same engaged in combat and them moved around the same area, but not cart speeds were 12.24km/h. Once combat was ended speeds returned to 16-17km/h. I was not "hurting" or under any type of movement restriction. The terrain was flat and paved. The horses did not graze or eat during the time period. The wind did not change direction or force. I am on pristine server if it matters. It only appears to happen if stopped and then try to move after combat is initiated. If I am moving at normal speed and draw aggro from something it does not affect my speed unless I stop and then move again.
  11. WTS Rift items ++

  12. Goblin Leader (Private Loot)

    Looking forward to this. Thank you for sharing! I don't care about the loot but would like to get the title if I can hit him.
  13. WTS Rift items ++

    Prices reduced slightly
  14. WTS Rift items ++

    WTS the following: ring or the eye, seryll (stealth detection) 75ql -> 5s 4.5s ring socketed, seryll 75ql -> 5s skull shoulder pad (aoe damage reduction) 1 75ql -> 2s 1.5s double shoulder pad, cotton (Cloth Armour pieces glance bonus versus slashing) 75ql -> 1.5s 1s right stylish shoulder pad, gold (face protection) 75ql -> 3s 2.5s 1.5s triple shoulder pad, leather 75ql -> 2s 1s lump, Adamantine .36kg 92.70ql -> 2.5s 2.25s lump, Adamantine .36kg 88.25ql -> 2.25s 2s lump, glimmersteel .36kg 84.82ql -> 2.5s rare lump, seryll .20 76.38ql -> 2.5s white dragon hatchling drake hide, leather .05kg 80.83ql -> 2s white dragon hatchling drake hide, leather .05kg 80ql -> 2s white dragon hatchling drake hide, leather .04kg 80ql -> 1.6s white dragon hatchling blood .30kg 100ql -> 1s white dragon hatchling blood .30kg 100ql -> 1s white dragon hatchling blood .30kg 100ql -> 1s PM Degrath in game or reply here please and thank you
  15. Highway Changes

    yes, I did not see that post, but I definitely agree