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  1. +1 you can never find a stattuette when you need one lol
  2. Oh yeah, i just checked :S No offense to the team, but the mauls look a bit terrible, they look like ballpin hammers... Maybe have a new skill for Mace then, and add new models.
  3. Honestly, who actually walked about with maul back then, it was far more efficient to use a swords or spiked weapon. I propose that we swap the Maul variants for Maces (skill as well, just change the name): For the small mace: For the medium mace: For the large mace: I think that seeing as the new model for the large maul has already been done, it is actually quite close to the Large mace pictured above and would not take much remodeling. They would still do crushing damage, but on top would be piercing damage.
  4. +1 They were meant for sieging, but do the exact opposite! :S
  5. Making a Mol Rehan team ^^ Lets see... I think we have some bruisers, then some more bruisers, and maybe a clitarina.
  6. This isn't twilight. There are wraiths. If any mobs it should be something elemental, related to the gods with specific traits.
  7. Yeah, I have messed about with lava, thats why part of my dirtwall is a 284 rock slope xD
  8. Popping a writ to destroy a bridge... oh wurm... ITS A TRAP!
  9. There is a difference between a bridge and a ramp unfortunately.
  10. Thanks for the PMs, sorted
  11. Yeah source prices are dropping to be honest, xanadu is floating on source pretty much, and if anyone gets say 3-5 on their deed they can pay for their deed and two accounts prem with just source! Prices need to drop lol.