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  1. It is a desktop with a discrete GPU. I am not aware of having any trouble with Unity games. I have about 40 games in my Steam account I am sure some of them were built with Unity. I did have the Unity development software installed sometime back but I uninstalled it when I needed disk space. It was version 2019.1.0f2 64 bit. I can still see the release notes in my start menu but the program no longer shows in Uninstall Program list. Could this uninstall have removed some needed component? Thanks for the quick response.
  2. Hello I recently returned to the game after having played several different times over the years. Trying to use DeedPlanner to design my new home. I download the new version of DeedPlanner 3.07 Alpha for Windows. I unzipped the download and tried to open the DeedPlanner application file. I get the blue circle for about a second and it never opens. I checked Task Manager and don't see any indication it is running. I tried running it as admin and didn't even get the blue circle that time. I re-downloaded the file and tried again. Same thing. I am able to run the web version. I am also able to run DP version 2.8.9 which I still had on my computer. I have Win10. I looked for a log file but I did not see a Warlander folder in LocalLow probably because the program hasn't opened yet to create one. Any suggestions? Thanks Tradigo
  3. grooming brush, oakenwoood 5ql COC85 - 80c COD to Tradigo please.
  4. Items received. Thanks for the quick service and the discount. Tradigo
  5. From the 70c satchel Horse shoes 90.05ql w83 90.01ql w79 89.67ql w87 83.61ql w84 Saddle 50c bin 70.51ql w78 COD to Tradigo please.
  6. Hammer 79w78coc butchering knife 84coc rake 92 coc COD to Tradigo please.
  7. Hiya,

    Sorry I've just seen your order right now. Been on break for the last month. Am back playing again, if you'd still like your item, pls let me know and I can have it sent out to you right away.

    Thanks, very sorry for the delay.


    1. Tradigo


      Yes, I would still like the two handed sword please. I am just coming back from a long break myself.



  8. pickaxe, 69 ql, 63 woa, 78 coc, 1 s meditation rug, 4 ql, 86 coc, 1.15 s COD to Tradigo please.
  9. Sold

    Great service. Thanks!!
  10. Great service with delivery. It was a pleasure. Thanks.
  11. Cedarwood Freedom Wagon - 25c ea White Marble Planter 5c x 2 Wardrobe 10c x 2 - pinewood Small Bedside Table 5c x4 - pinewood Cupboard 25c (Pinewood) - larger than large chest Bench 5c (Pinewood) x 2 Hopefully if the furniture is all pinewood the colors should match. Closest coastal deed for delivery is Llama Port at 28x - 13y. Contact Tradigo in game. Thanks.
  12. I would like to request: 1 80 QL Large Maul 50c - if you haven't already made this for me I would like to cancel this one - if you already made it I will gladly take it. 1 90 QL two handed sword 1s COD to Tradigo please.