To allow for easier spread and ensure players of all time zones can attend one, the Melody rift will be delayed by 12 hours


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  1. Tgod you are hots I'm jk cannot cod to you, do you have another toon?
  2. If I saw correctly there was a 100 ql pelt if so cod to necroedarkslayer please
  3. Make sure if you sell to advertise for pvp players ;p 20+ silver sounds about right
  4. SOLD!

    Cod pickaxe to necroedarkslayer please
  5. SOLD!

    #2 9s #3 3.5s
  6. Congrats to whomever got these wonderful accounts
  7. +1 This is certainly an annoying requirement that seems unnecessary
  8. Very nice! Hard to give a price check but congrats!