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  1. Sold can close

    Buyout 1.5 euro thanks
  2. PC "Speedy" All around acc / Decent Fighter

    It's defiantly worth more than 70e. Don't take less than 200.
  3. Bag of Keeping Bundle [sold]

    I'll do 1.5 gold if you don't get what you want
  4. Wts fully rare scale set black all 90 plus ql

    sold plz close
  5. Wts fully rare scale set Black. High castes web Looking for 300s or best offer . also willing to trade for the right items. Thanks.
  6. WTS LOOOOTS of drake hide

    I'll do 300s for the lot
  7. Rares Weapons and Tools and more (Prices Updated)

    ill take supreme maul cod. to Rozare or Xrumx please reply if sending to xrumx. thanks
  8. Fire and Sand Impalong - Exodus - 20th-22nd October

    It doesn't help if you sleep walk in twice!
  9. well hopefully in the next update this will be fixed.. I came across this problem myself
  10. White Cherry 3 Charges

    Sniper comes into effect after last bid. I also remember your outrageous bids like80.55555 repeared
  11. White Cherry 3 Charges

    Not true
  12. White Cherry 3 Charges

    1 hour sniper forget
  13. PC Master Jack of all trades

    I would honestly say that you wouldn't get what your expecting prolly 500 to 700 if you are lucky