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  1. not sure if you understand how they came to be useles,but it was a series of nerfings that did it.they used to be great.i would say just remove it from the game.
  2. who sayd it didnt start several people started selling everything yesterday
  3. the hunted status on pve doesnt really work,many people gets it when catapulting templars and a few other ways. so yeah its a bug but you dont need to worry about people killing you
  4. he did reply to the faq topic trying to explain it
  5. wow so you decided to end wurm
  6. titles pretty much says it all,make it so when we left click a name in thetrade chat thats automatically goes to @name with the name the cicked on,just like left click in a name in alliance or local goes to pm that name
  7. PC in trade

    is it posible we could get a ravemp of the chat system so we cant just make up our own tabs, and choose which feeds we get in each tab, its getting more and more clutered with tabs,i understand that may no the easy but would surely be awesome.
  8. PC in trade

    oh come on,now we need yet another trade tab for price checks,come on enough already
  9. was too tired yesterday but i sent it now.enjoy !
  10. ok,i will send it when iget back to my deed later today.enjoy
  11. selling rare hatchet 52ql made by brynden,no enchants starting bid: 5s no reserve buyout :10s will be mailed from xanadu
  12. dont kingdoms have their own forums?wouldnt that make it much easier?
  13. Red Dragon Adventure!

    lol well get parked west of votd never looked at the maps here and went trough a most of the way withouth a road but we made it
  14. hello i want to sell my low ql plain rare chain boot asking 2s,will mail from xanado
  15. well im posting this because im not sure what the best way to change this would be,right now the server types page still list the old freedom clusters 1,2, and 3.
  16. i think the point brash brought up its much more important,in the current system you can just use diferent forum accounts to bid in your auctions or simply bid in auctions you have no intention of paying for if you win,even if you have 0 money in your bank. if you want people to take auctions seriously,make some kinda of ingame auction system where your money its locked when you bid,until either you win and its automatically sent to the sellers bank and the item sent to you,or you are outbidded and get your money back.
  17. hidden reserve its of course pointless but you cant say that bidding on the forum really means you make a comitment to buy,you can bid as much as you want as high as you want and dont need to have any money at all.
  18. then why bother,just remove the large anvil and do the opossite
  19. Lock

    not surprised by that at all,its their carefull what you say in the forums now,they are known to use their positions to censor people they dont like.
  20. please tich add a checkbox for whole categories if you can,will save people a lot of time
  21. will you make it so any destroy option gives citizens the destroy bonus? as i understand it right now only citizens that can destroy buildings have it. edit: i hope all this sections of permission come in some list of expandable list, so if i want to give all permissions to a role i can just click on each category and dont need to go click on each individual permision.