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  1. Is this the official documentation? In case WO and WU are not different in this regard (afaik they shouldn't be) there is an error concerning timed affinities. It says the duration of the affinity is determined by the amount of food eaten, which is not entirely false. Of course the amount is important but more important is something else which I believe to be nutritional value. Food is eaten at a constant rate of about 0.03 units per second. The effect on your food bar still seems to be determined by the quality of the food. I ate exactly 0.15 units of these different meals: * one ql 6.7 canine meal with unknown contents. I'm calling it Dog. * one ql 14.7 insect meal with pea pod, called Pea. * one ql 14.7 insect meal with pea pod and ground paprika, called Paprika. Pea gave me a 5 second affinity buff (roughly). Dog, although lower quality, gave me a 27 second buff. Paprika gave me close to 3 minutes. This leads me to think nutrition is the main factor for affinity duration. The amount eaten is certainly of lesser importance. Additionally, when it says "to get the same affinity, the recipe must be recreated exactly" it is important to understand what is part of the recipe and what is not. The affinity type is only determined by the true name of the ingredient at the time of cooking but not the exact recipe of the ingredients themselves. Take these meals: 1) fried insect + fried pea pod (made from chopped pea pod) 2) fried insect + fried pea pod (made from pea pod) 3) fried insect + pea pod 4) fried insect + chopped pea pod 2, 3 and 4 will all produce different buffs because the name of the ingredients are different. However, 1 and 2 will be the same even though the fried pea pods themselves were different in that they gave different buffs. I think it could be clarified that the "exact recipe" only concerns the name of the ingredients at the time of cooking, not whether they were identically prepared, also that chopped pea pod which is pre-fried is a different ingredient than chopped pea pod. One may think that "fried" is a state that a vegetable passes through before being cooked together with meat, just as if you had fried the veg separately, but this is not the case. This particular little detail gave me the wrong idea about affinity cooking and threw me into a few hours of brain wracking experiments trying to find the missing link.
  2. This is a server for those who enjoy the game pretty much as it is in Wurm Online. Mods are generally limited to things that improve UI or general gameplay but don't effectively change what the game is about or seriously shift the original balance. Starting equipment is limited to QL 10. The mods that make the most difference are; Bountymod, to redeem the fact that you can't buy silver; Cropmod, prevents wilting so you don't have to log in on a specific day to harvest; and the all-popular Diglikeminingmod. There were six players on the server at launch and during the week another half a dozen have joined, from both sides of the Atlantic. We're starting to form settlements. Now is a good time to join if you want to get in early on a very fresh server.
  3. This looks almost perfect but I have to ask about "priest restrictions lifted". Does that mean there is no downside to being priest, no restrictions at all?
  4. Dagger Point at 31/3 Point Empire of Roydonia at 31/5 of Roydonia Cedar Point at 31/12 Point Carp Lake at 31/14 (this is my deed) Lake
  5. I downloaded the server files from but there's no file containing "settings".
  6. I found two such programs. This one relies on existing skill dumps, which I can't produce at the moment since I have the Old server data but currently can't run it from home. This one just doesn't work.
  7. I found Server ID in wurmlogin.db. Simply copying this value from Old to New didn't resolve the issue. Any more leads?
  8. With minimal knowledge of database I'm trying to import player data from an old server (Old) to my new server (New). The main objective is to transfer skill levels of about 10-20 player characters to New. I thought, why can't I just copy the wurmplayers.db file from Old to New? Well, why can't I? After copying to New I can no longer log into those old characters on New. I can still log in with fresh characters but whenever anyone from the old db tries to enter it says "the server is currently not available", which seems like a strange error to me. EDIT: I just realised the player ID between Old and New doesn't match. Simply editing this number didn't do it though. Can it be done? The method needs to take less effort than any of the following methods: 1. Running Old again to make skill dumps and then import them somehow. It wasn't my server so I don't know how to be able to connect to it properly when it runs on my home computer. 2. Modifying most skill levels of around 15 player characters manually. To be honest this seems like the easiest alternative. Also, this topic might fare better under "Questions and Confusions".
  9. I get that a lot. Also, when trying to import: "Error loading character into db: SQL logic error or missing database 7 values for 5 columns"
  10. Nice program but where can I read about how to use it? I encounter a lot of problems trying to make a map. I've not found a manual or even a readme file.
  11. Yes I'm sure. It is, however, in WU. I hit the search button from the WU forum and didn't realise it would search all of the forums.
  12. Just now I tried to push a wooden altar, no deed, and got the same error message. [02:38:41] You may not move that item right now. Another character, belonging to the same deity but with less faith, gets: [02:40:36] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server. I also tried desecrating the altar but that only hurt myself. Is this depeing on exorcism skill? Currently I can't think of a way to get rid of that altar and install the correct domain on my island.
  13. That's old news and, fortunately, no longer correct. The console market share is still larger than PC in five countries - the U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.K. and Japan - but of course their trend is the same. The truth of the matter is that console gaming has always experienced a cycle of waxing and waning due to hardware generation shifts.
  14. A few times a day sometimes. This is getting really irritating.
  15. I no longer have this problem. Seems fixed!