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  1. I'm pretty sure the corrrect number for slice of bread is actually 128 and not 130. I double checked the setup meal. I made a double barley sandwich with feta cheese and entered everything in the meal maker accordingly. plate +69 slice of bread +130 barley +5 slice of bread +130 barley +5 feta cheese +84 When I ate the sandwich I received halberd affinity although the meal maker said stone chisel, a difference of 4. Next I made an open sandwich with barley and cheese and the difference between the suggested affinity and actual affinity became 2. Finally I changed the bread to oat and the difference was still 2.
  2. The small cart essentially IS a wheelbarrow. Were you thinking an even lighter carrier with less capacity?
  3. These, exactly, are two of the three reasons I stopped playing WO after a few months back in 2015. Buying or scavenging rare high ql stuff, and the difficulty of finding decent pristine land (not inland Lagadu), didn't appeal to me. Had WU attracted more long term players I would still be there. SFI has been dying, I mean receding, for many years because of internal issues. If it's going to be affected by anything related to NFI it's only because enough players from the south simply prefer to make a fresh start in the north. Nothing wrong with that. This game becomes stale and kind of pointless when there's no progression.
  4. This is like going onto World of Warcraft and ask that warriors get healing spells and priest get tank abilities. Classes are there for a reason.
  5. This area was degrassed a few days ago and is recovering now. Someone even dropped a deed called "Nature Preserve".
  6. -1 I don't think planks and nails should should be guaranteed either. They should be easy to make, but nothing should be guaranteed.
  7. 787, 760 Stormdragon Peak Gates 784,745 a shallow canal extending north and east from this point
  8. Ismira, when you come onto this forum with an imperative and provocative title, furthermore proving that you don't even understand basic economy, you deserve all the harsh criticism coming your way. It's just that simple. Go play the game, and don't buy anything you don't need more than the silver you paid for it.
  9. I'm surprised by how there's no suitable icon for carpentry besides shipwright, especially since this should be a very simple thing to add. Stacked crates, I second that suggestion. It could be good for both carp and warehouse. Mallet and carving knife Bow and arrow Amphora
  10. I'm using latest Firefox. It must be blocking some script.
  11. I'm not seeing anything besides the standard map. What plugin is used?
  12. Have deeds been added to the map? I'm just seeing an in-game map with nothing on.
  13. I encountered this bug today. Hopefully it doesn't affect the new UI so newbies are unaffected... hopefully.
  14. It looks like this right now. Someone has been cutting down the trees here and rather noobishly planted hazel, blueberry and raspberry.