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  1. You have some good ideas, but I’m going to have to disagree with skills progressively decreasing to 20. Pricing for premium could be cheaper for sure. If I understand correctly, you suggest having one premium payment to support at least 2 characters instead of just a single character? I think that is a good idea, unless someone explains to me why it is not. I don’t think not being able to jump was a major issue during the initial Steam release. Not as much as say the poor tutorial, lack of useable deed land, and hard to find livestock that was addressed by many players.
  2. At this point, it will take more than just advertising to retain new players. Sure, it will lure people to come try the game at least, but once they see all the abandoned deeds, clunky controls, poor tutorial, lack of horses and livestock, and other problems addressed by many newcomers in the Steam reviews, it won’t last long.
  3. The exploration update sounds good, but I have a couple of questions: 1. How are these goblin camps and religious sites going to spawn in the servers? 2. Will the camps/religious sites alter the landscape permanently when they do spawn? 3. Can you deed over them? 4. Will these camps/religious sites change locations periodically or be stationary in the same spot when spawned?
  4. The devs will have to release a new cluster like the Western Freedom Isles on a different gaming platform such as Epic Games Store to really gain an influx of new players. The simple problems that were commonly voiced by new players that could be addressed with the new cluster are the lack of livestock, lack of usable land for creating a deed, and improving the tutorial based on steam reviews will make a big difference in retaining new players.
  5. The donkeys are almost worthless now because the amount of new players coming into the game is dwindling. They would have been more valuable during the beginning of the Steam release, but at that time people were even fighting for cows to ride on. One of the main issues during the beginning of the Steam release was the difficulty in finding any livestock like horses, bison, hell horses, etc. Something that can be addressed if they plan to release in the Epic Games Store.
  6. Advertise Wurm on the Epic Games Store, release the Western Freedom Isles, and improve the new player experience. The donkeys and straw bed rolls were great additions but came very late to retain most of the new players from Steam. Wurm has another chance with Epic Games Store, but this time learn what failed in the Steam release of Wurm so that the Epic Games Store release doesn’t make the same mistakes.
  7. When they announced last year’s black friday sale, it was on Nov. 20th, so I would assume if we don’t hear anything by the 20th or a little later then it won’t happen.
  8. +1 I think the small cart model would have to be changed slightly so you can sit in it, should be easy. The speed would probably be slower than the large cart with horses/bulls.
  9. +1 for rideable bison. In addition, I also think allowing bison to wear gear to increase speed similar to horses should be implemented.
  10. I think the merge is simple. Just allow people on NFI and SFI to sail to each other’s servers by boat. Allow the trade channel to display messages from NFI and SFI at the same time. Allow sending items from NFI and SFI through mailbox. Skills and items all transfer when crossing NFI servers to SFI servers and vice versa.
  11. If it does happen, I bet most old players who play on NFI will revert back to their toons from the SFI. If there are no plans for attracting and retaining new players, I’d say merging is a not a bad idea if things continue as it is.
  12. With the significantly decreasing population growth on the NFI, I don’t see why merging NFI and SFI would be a bad thing. We are averaging about 400 players and alts included on all NFI servers at peak hour on Niarja. Unless there is some plan to advertise and entice new players to come to Wurm Online to increase the population five fold like in the beginning of the steam launch, merging the NFI and SFI could be one of the best courses of action to take to keep the current populations somewhat connected.
  13. I think it would be better to connect Defiance with the other servers. I’m seeing Defiance head towards Chaos population levels at this point in niarja.
  14. Will current 5 speed horses/hell horses/bison become slower with the new update? 5 speed horses go around 25km/hr peak without horse gear. 5 speed bison go 18km/hr on a wagon. I am not sure what a 5 speed hell horse peak speed is since I’ve never rode one before. We appreciate your response.
  15. I am wondering the same thing, this was not addressed clearly at all for such a major change to AH.
  16. I am not sure if we really need 23 new traits, I never met anyone personally who had issues with the number of traits currently. The new items, horse shapes, and in game wurmpedia changes are a welcomed update to the game.
  17. I’m not sure what good creating another new server will do, as it will further split the community apart. However, I do think keeping the NFI and SFI separated in the long term is not good for the game at this point.
  18. The only reason I continue to play is because I purchased a year's worth of premium on Black Friday. I will consider quitting for good once that runs out.
  19. The devs are in the right direction with the upcoming changes to enhance the new player experience, but it is way overdue. Changes like the straw bed and donkey will help retain new players to the game. Maybe keep at these changes and release into Epic Games Store, coming in the market a bit more prepared than the Steam release?
  20. It is still an issue even in Harmony’s lower population levels. It has been this way since the beginning of the steam release and not a lot was done to address it. You can’t find any wild horses or bison in the steppes or anywhere in the wild.
  21. If only the donkeys came earlier before the steam release day, it would have helped out the potential 1000+ new players which is now lost. This was way overdue. Why is the dev team suddenly changing their ways and releasing very late changes to help out new players?
  22. It is a shame that this straw bed was released this late, it should have been implemented before the Steam release.
  23. As the title says, Give all priests the ability to cast Mend. I don’t understand why only Vynora can cast Mend on items/tools that can’t be repaired regularly.
  24. This is partially true, but eventually the NFI and SFI will merge. From what I experienced with merchants, is that often times their wares are more expensive than what people offer on Trade chat. Also many players don't like to leave their deeds and spend time traveling, which also contribute to dead marketplaces. Most of that population lost on SFI is just old players switching over to NFI, they will eventually come back when the merge happens. It was in Code Club's and/or Game Chest's interest to merge the sever clusters at some point.
  25. There is no doubt that connecting the NFI to the SFI is in the works for the future.