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  1. notting to see here

    Doesn't have the farming to back it up, but it has very good channeling and 100 faith.
  2. PC Vincevyn

    Its lacking in characteristics, but it could make a decent starting priest. I'd say 20-30 usd/euro.
  3. (SOLD) WTS Nukacola

  4. (SOLD) WTS Nukacola

    WTS Nukacola This is my personal account that I'm putting on offer. I have gotten fed up with Wurm and its lack of evolution and change. However while I had some good times and friends in the game, I think it is time I say my farewells to this game. He will be in J11 Xanadu and will come with a sailboat so that you may transport him to wherever you want. I will include all that he has in his inventory as well. Not much notable skills worthwhile to put up in niarja except he has 50 channeling, about 67 faith, 36 body strength, 77 mining, 31 body control, 33 mind logic, 50+ carp and masonry, 63 farming, etc. Will make a great starter priest/battery or starter account. PM me for more information. I am asking for 30 euros for my account FIRM. Thank you.
  5. WTS 32s for 32 euros via Paypal. PM me if you're interested. Thank you.
  6. WTS 2x Rare Hops Trellis for 1s each, 2x Rare Beds for 1s each, will include free delivery. PM Nukacola if you're interested. Thank you.
  7. PC Iamnoob

    200-300 euro?
  8. How is Wurm?

    Wurm.... Wurm never changes.
  9. How is the Current State of Wurm?

    Wurm... wurm never changes.
  10. Future of Wurm

    I feel you, the game feels like its hit a new low in population. [23:37:52] 69 other players are online. You are on Xanadu (290 totally in Wurm). I think the issue is that the devs are not releasing new content fast enough and the game suffers from a lack of change/expansion to keep players interested.
  11. Interest in Wurm trading site

    We don't need a Wurm trading site, the player base is too small to have one imo. Better to make a wurm cosmetic shop like what someone suggested last year :
  12. WTS Rares

  13. WTS Rares