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  1. WTS 40s, 1s= 1e Payment via Paypal. PM me in forum or reply in post if interested.
  2. bump 1.3k support beams are still available
  3. Wurm Classic

    If Wurm Classic ever happens, let it be a server in Wurm Unlimited imo. I'd like to see how it was back then.
  4. WTS 1.5k 1.3k 1k Support Beams Price: 100/4s or 35s if you purchase all of them. PM me or reply in the post if interested.
  5. I sold my account before with a similar reason like yours, but after about 6-7 months, wurm was calling me back in and I was able to obtain it back through the help of the community. If you're losing interest, better to go play something else for a bit and eventually you'll want to hop on back to wurm. That's my experience.