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  1. It would give them one more reason to be premium in wurm steam at least?
  2. I think small carts and large carts should have further tweaks. Currently new players have no reason to make a small cart since large carts can do the same thing and be dragged similarly, in addition to being able to hitch horses to it. Maybe make a requirement to drag large carts at 23 body str? Set a requirement to create at large cart at lvl 21 Fine Carpentry? Let me know what you guys think.
  3. WU is pretty much gonna be overshadowed when official steam wurm servers go live.
  4. WTS 40s, 1s= 1e Payment via Paypal. PM me in forum or reply in post if interested.
  5. bump 1.3k support beams are still available
  6. Wurm Classic

    If Wurm Classic ever happens, let it be a server in Wurm Unlimited imo. I'd like to see how it was back then.