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  1. They will make more new PVE servers.
  2. +1, maybe flat roofs, dome roofs, cone roofs, gable roofs, etc
  3. Same here, finding animals is much harder for some reason on Harmony.
  4. Same thing in pve for me, the village recruitment board doesn't work properly.
  5. As the title says, give mortar a 100% success rate. I don't understand why mortar doesn't have a 100% success rate like stone bricks, planks, small and large nails, etc.
  6. I mean at least deed over a chunk of the forests surrounding the starter towns so they can regrow over and not make the towns so barren when a new player comes in.
  7. Heartland: Harmony Bay:
  8. Do something about the starting town deforestation! The amount of trees chopped down doesn't put a good tone for new players of the game. Maybe increase tree spawn rate at the starting town or deed over a portion of the forests? What are some other ways to fix this?
  9. +1 this should be an option now that the steam release is already 1 week in.
  10. When could we expect for the Steam release for Wurm?
  11. BIG +1. Unfortunately something like this would be complicated for them to code and create I bet.
  12. Take a look at the steam charts for Wurm Unlimited: The max average players ever obtained was back in November 2015 at 819 people, it it continued to decline from there until at October 2017, it soared back to 723 and it goes down from there again.
  13. This pretty much sums up the question. I doubt it would gain "thousands of players" imo.