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  1. [Known Issue] Named Recipes cleared on all servers

    So i have heard about people who lost their named recipe being unable to claim new ones because game still registered them as having a named recipe, will everyone who claimed a namable recipe after the wipe get that problem now?
  2. Highway work just east of Newspring

    Well if you're open to suggestions, its likely that you're planning to destroy the pavement on the old highway so that the new piece of road you made, which we really dislike because weird bends like that prevent people from just turning on autowalk and going AFK, they're also quite tedious to follow through on wagons. It would be much preferred if you instead of forcing traffic through that bend, tried to just make the land you already claimed more attractive buy asking potential customers what they would like to see there to form a general view of the taste locals have. Frankly, this course of action is merely a speculation because you refuse to be transparent about which "improvements" you plan to make, and it would be much appriciated if our fears were proven wrong by a proper plan turning out to be something we'd actually appreciate seeing, or at the very least be neutral about, which would be an improvement already.
  3. Highway work just east of Newspring

    i find that quite dubious coming from someone who never talks with anyone actually living on the island outside of these forum threads where all of us make abundantly clear you don't.
  4. Highway work just east of Newspring

    I am confused.....
  5. Highway work just east of Newspring

    so let me get this straight: because we had to vote for the right to decide how our own spawn looks its no longer a spawn? or is it no longer a remake because we had to pick which design was the best for a remake? We do all the time, as i said, we pass through your deed when we travel around, though ultimately, when you're on an island, you tend to use the highway for inland travel between other deeds on the island and the boat for traveling further away because its faster.
  6. Highway work just east of Newspring

    I mean, its not really like we visit your deed for any other reason that the thing being right on top of a public highway
  7. Highway work just east of Newspring

    We would like you to, but all we ask is to just try to discuss it before you go breaking other peoples stuff.
  8. Highway work just east of Newspring

    Yeah a new forum profile, really good for keeping a low profile if everyone can spot the VIST US AT GLASSHOLLOW MARKET sig from a mile away it was, we've gone on for 3 days and you've yet to give a proper answer to that.
  9. Highway work just east of Newspring

    We've been boycotting their markets for years, their implied target demographic of fresh noobs spawning at the deeds they build markets next to are, frankly, generally broke because they only just spawned and investing real money into silver just to buy basic tools isn't quite a standard practice if anyone did it all. This market is completely nonviable from a financial standpoint, the only reason to keep this farce going is to pretend they're our saviors for improving everything while effectively they're restricting highway access for the deeds around by forcing as many uncomfortable bends into the road as possible redirecting them through their ghost town. If they had the social capacity to discuss their changes with locals and work together they might have been the good guys they're pretending to be but all they're doing at this point is just vandalizing public infrastructure under the pretense of improving it then getting super toxic when asked about it.
  10. Highway work just east of Newspring

    i'm sorry......What? So let me get this straight, you build this scamming spot right next to a starter deed with the opinion that people should only be around if they're paying you? I'd say don't build on a public highway if you want that kind of privacy.
  11. Newspring starter deed voting!

    I find the first design rather cluttered, while i do appreciate it as a work of art it doesn't look very functional, nor does it really represent newspring. Renates design is truly wonderful, it towers high into the sky yet it feels at peace with nature, really blending in with the surroundings instead of looking like a chunk of concrete jungle has been misplaced. I do have my doubts on the whole thing where i come back from break to see a poll is in place just to let people living in the area who know the region well and have to deal with the starter deed on a regular basis design the thing instead of some artist who can do a nice job but doesn't have to put up with it if it looks really out of place and locals dislike it.
  12. actual fruit press please

    Yeah my semi-workaround is to grab presses equal to my max queue (4) and take 7 times as much fruits (28) or 11 times (44) for olives and cherries but it's not really much of an improvement and comes with the drawbacks of only processing batches of 28/44 items per batch, having to empty every press individually and not really being affordable to get every enchantment 4 times. Indeed we should have either a option to have it automatically funnel into a bigger container if set up correctly or trample large amounts of grapes inside a huge tub for mass production.
  13. Wagons overview

    Sorry for lackluster maintenance everyone, marginalized my activity for a while due to social life being rather demanding, i'll be contacting all sellers listen to check up on potential changes in stock, pricing and activity in meantime (kinda hope people will come to me with stuff like that but would be rather hypocritical to put the initiative at everyone but me, especially after just coming back from an unannounced break from forum myself) my apologies for any inconviniences i might have caused.
  14. PC Account (not selling)

    While i do agree with the general thought im starting to get the impression you think 90% of trade is dominated by pvp...........
  15. PC Account (not selling)

    Well yeah was unsure how much FC would put in but even at 50-60 for wagons, tents and lowest sellable imps its more marketable than being well equipped to sell bulk fruit, then again i'm currently earning most of my money on cooking lately, about 9s vs 1.4s i earned by only finding buyers for wagons among the people gettinf alliance discounts