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  1. Client helper mod

    I'm getting the same error as well. It's the new 1.9 patch. 1.5 does work for the most part, but certain things like auto drinking is broken and will throw out an exception in the console. Until Ildar sees this and updates it though, it's the best we have.
  2. Client helper mod

    Also I’ve noticed that when improving blacksmith items made of anything other than iron it cannot detect the lumps of the material (steel, silver, etc). Haven’t tested it with 1.6.x but I had this issue with 1.5.
  3. Client helper mod

    Out of curiosity is there a way to automate grooming of animals in an area? Similar to using the farming/tree cutting bot, but instead it attempts to groom any animals within reach while it traverses the designated area.
  4. Client helper mod

    That fixed it. Thank you!
  5. Client helper mod

    I tried using the latest release (both 1.6 and 1.6.1) and both would not allow me to start up the client. The client.log file had this at the end: [10:37:36 PM] SEVERE IldarMod: Error loading mod [10:37:36 PM] SEVERE IldarMod: javassist.CannotCompileException: [source error] Method getInstance is private [10:37:36 PM] INFO CustomClientRenderMod: Initializing CustomClientRenderMod [10:37:36 PM] INFO IldarMod: Loaded [10:37:36 PM] SEVERE org.gotti.wurmunlimited.clientlauncher.DelegatedLauncher: java.lang.RuntimeException: com.wurmonline.client.renderer.gui.ItemListWindow class is frozen When I reverted back to 1.5, it ran fine.
  6. what exactly am I doing wrong then.....The logs show it loading the mod and doing an initial alert, but none of them repeat.
  7. Yeah I tried setting them to 900 and still won't repeat.
  8. Oh you can only do a max of 15 minutes? ugh....i guess if that's all. Maybe the OP/dev can fix this in a future release.
  9. Hi I just started using the auto alerts mod you have. I see when the server starts up that it sends a server wide message once. But it never repeats after that. From the server logs: [10:51:57 AM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.MessageServer: Broadcasting Serverwide Alert: Visit our Steam group @ [10:51:57 AM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.MessageServer: Broadcasting Serverwide Alert: Join us on Discord @ [10:51:57 AM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.MessageServer: Broadcasting Serverwide Alert: Join us on TeamSpeak @ [10:51:57 AM] INFO com.wurmonline.server.MessageServer: Broadcasting Serverwide Alert: View our live map (updated hourly) @ And here are properties file settings: classname = org.ausimus.wurmunlimited.mods.autoalert.Initiator classpath = AutoAlerts.jar sharedClassLoader = true # Transmit to twitter? transmitTwitter = false # Will throw out an alert when deed mayor has not logged in in a specified amount of days, default 30. useDeedAlert = false # Interval in seconds between alerts, 3 hours default. DA_pollSeconds = 10800 # Max days a mayor has not logged in before alert is thrown. MaxDays = 30 # Will auto disband when alert is shown, handy for deed pruning. # This will throw an error serverSide, error is harmless, method still works as intended. # Use with care. autoDisband = false # Use? useAlert0 = true # Interval in seconds between alerts. Seconds0 = 1800 # The Alert put this into one line, no shift entering or you will will prolly break some ######, the server will wrap the text. Alert0 = Visit our Steam group @ useAlert01 = true Seconds01 = 1800 Alert01 = Join us on Discord @ useAlert02 = true Seconds02 = 1800 Alert02 = Join us on TeamSpeak @ useAlert03 = true Seconds03 = 1800 Alert03 = View our live map (updated hourly) @
  10. Any idea if this dev is planning on officially updating this mod with the one fix that Sindusk had provided? It's been a couple of weeks since hes responded to this thread.
  11. I've tested the Live Map Viewer as a replacement for Jonneh's live map viewer. Looks great and loads fast. Only gripe from my players is that it only shows flat view. I think my playerbase liked the 3D view by default with the option to switch to flat view. Any chances for this to be added in a future update?
  12. Team DAWGS is pleased to announce, Elysium, a 4096x4096 PvE server. Steam Group Elysium Deed Map HotA Location SERVER SETTINGS ================ Starting Village on PVE island for all new players. Trader economy 5x Skill / 4x Action rates No cost for settlement creation Deed upkeep HotA PvP area Mod: Skillmod (allows stat gain to be inline with skill gain) Mod: No priest restrictions Mod: Bounties on creatures Mod: Bulk transfers between containers Mod: Seasons can be viewed using the /seasons command Mod: Dig like mining Mod: Treasure Hunting SERVER DETAILS ============== 32GB RAM Xeon E5-2630 @ 2.4 Ghz (16 Cores) SSD Drives in a RAID 0 configuration (Redundancy) 1 Gbps Uplink w/DDOS protection Regular backups offsite for DR. Teamspeak Server: The server is listed in the browser as "Elysium PvE | 5x Skill / 4x Action | HotA PvP | Modded"
  13. Online Map Viewer

    Any idea if the newer version of Jonneh's map tool will be updated with Xyp's fix? Not so much for the towers, but for mobile/touch support that he had added.
  14. With lockpicking disabled/banned on PvE servers how does this mod get around this? Do I just need to disable locking of chests altogether?