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  1. Please COD two of the next highest to Plowe. Thanks
  2. Fast, friendly, and efficient. Only thing better is working at night with my cool Cyan lantern... Thanks, Daash
  3. So all of the posts in the original thread about respecting other deedholders and the project proceeding since no island residents had objected was just slick talk. It does not necesarily mean that I, as a single resident, expected to halt the project with my postion. Merely bring it up for discussion for the residents of the island and surrounding area to discuss. Thank you for clarifying your position Slickshot. To all others I also believe in deed it or not. It is not my place, nor wish, to dictate to others about their deeds, placement, etc and the same can be said for individuals wishing to do projects such as this on undeeded land. That is the nature and beauty of this game, and please remember that this is just a game, pixels on the screen. I was making my position clear in regards to bridging and highways being done in an area I live in and willingness to discuss it with residents of the island and surrounding area since the original post was locked. It appears the project will be moving forward so we should let this thread die a quiet death. Thank you all and let have fun Wurming
  4. Amazing what can come about in a short period of time away from the forums, it's only been 4 days since I last looked here. For the record I do NOT support bridging Maple Island to the mainland. There is a reason I live on an island. My daughter loves the unspoilt nature of the island and her deed Crystal Retreat. People are correct in that I own Lakeview Point and Crystal Overlook. Which, along with my daughters deed, covers most of the south coast of the island. I also own several other deeds on the non-coastal areas of the island. I thank those who attempted to speak on my and my daughters behalf. If other island deedholders feel differently about bridges then please lets talk as we always have, though most of you have gone. If you are not an islander but hold deeds around the island and feel it's of benefit then sure lets talk because I do believe in this community. If however, it's bridge mania because we must ride everywhere or create bridges in the name of community while ignoring those who reside in the areas affected then again I state that I do NOT wish bridges to the island, nor a major highway passing through areas I have called home for many years. Such a short period of time, 4 days, for people not living on the island to make decisions that affect me and mine with an attitude that someone not residing on the island doesn't need to speak with a deedholder about bridging to the island since they found an area that has not been deeded, their words not mine, is not what this community has always been about. The previous thread did reference that several deedholders support the idea but none have posted in the thread so I remain unsure as to the intentions of my neighbors. I do not mean this post to be the beginning of a flame fest. I do wish it to be a meaningful discussion about Maple Island and it's future.
  5. Please send one of the 94 cast LitW to me. Thanks
  6. 2 Handed Sword - 1 - 80ql, Nim 74, LT 59, COC 68, MS 55 - 5s Huge Axe - 4 - 80ql, Nim 83, LT 58, COC 79, MS 76 - 6 silver Please and thank you
  7. This individual is one of my villagers and is trustworthy and reliable. He has done jobs for myself and others, including a several month stint on Xanadu. Explain what you want, wind him up, and turn him loose.
  8. Slope problems would give you a different error and message. From the behavior you are describing I believe you are having a problem with the depth of the dirt layer. Flattening only works if there is dirt to move if you get within 1 or so dirt left before stone on any corner what you are describing generally happens. What you can do to overcome this, depending on slopes since dirt generally won't stack higher than 20 total slope before it slides, is make a dirt pile in one corner and add more dirt to the pile during the flattening process until you get the tile to the level you desire. Thanks to Tich, and the Devs, we have a wonderful mechanism easier to use than flatten called Leveling. It works wonderfully well as long as you have at least 1 level tile to start from and have dirt in your inventory. I generally stand next to a wagon/crate of dirt and continually add it to my inventory during the process.
  9. I'll take the rare two hander for 12s. Animals Demise and COD to Plowe. Thanks
  10. Found a pile of items in my horse pens and placed them in the attic. Contact me if you would like to claim them.
  11. Hatchet, Steel (c79) 6.38ql and Pickaxe, Steel (c78) 6.39ql sent to Plowe please
  12. Would you please send a tower to Plowe. Thank you
  13. Always fast, efficient, and friendly service. Highly recommended for chat is another story (grin)
  14. Welcome to Maple Island Keywide. It's a nice piece of property
  15. 15s But you have to come back as guest host of next years Summer Fayre
  16. Sorry to see you go Wraith. Near to FM, the shores of Crystal Lake to wander/explore by boat, and the canals connecting to other bodies of water make this a great location. A lot of work has gone into this deed and it's facilities, clay is next to the deed and tar is a short ways away..
  17. Fast, efficient, and friendly. Definitely recommend and will use again.
  18. [10:49:25] <Laimonas> flashgold anyones horse? [10:49:40] <Boobaby> Not mine [10:50:09] <Plowe> I think Theflash was looking for a horse named that
  19. Saw someone in k-chat asking if it was lost. Referred them to you. When I get home tonite I'll check the chat logs and see if I can find a name for you.
  20. Close

    Well said Rasu. We of the maple Syrup Cult will launch barrels of...well, maple syrup of course at any and all bridge builders who approach.
  21. In March of 2012 they were going for 7s and just a few months ago the going rate was 6.5s. But like everything it depends on the market.