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  1. best enchanted items

    Hello, I'd like to order, grindstone 7ql COC69 - 30c. Please mail to Partrune. Thank you!
  2. I picture going to a wizards tower in the wilderness. Where you can get a quest to obtain a tome. Probably an expensive quest.
  3. +1 Although I think the freedom emblem could be a cooler design.
  4. I would like to see some grass baskets and bags. Grass hats too. More items could be grass, but baskets seem the coolest to me.
  5. A simple improvement that would add quality to the game. +1
  6. I liked the old model. Jaz is right. I'd love even more options too.
  7. Bump, still selling 2 rares.
  8. Item sent. Thank you Vomusu!
  9. Rare Butchering Knife, Iron 45ql 3.5s Rare Large Maul, Iron 55ql 5.5s
  10. I'll take the w58 iron saw for 25c, Mail to Partrune if that sounds ok. Thanks.
  11. blacksmithing

    Thank you for the blacksmithing imp Hvergi. Fast and friendly service!
  12. Hi Pashka, I would like Iron trowel 1q 86coc 50c Please mail to Partrune, thank you.
  13. #2 5.5s
  14. Hello, I would like to buy 2 saddles. 57ql saddle 82woa 80c 72 ql saddle 79woa 70c Please send them to Partrune. Thank you!