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  1. Gathered bison & sheep milk this morning (after the update), and immediately dusted off my oakenwood cheese drill to make cheese. When using the cheese drill on today's sheep milk, upon failure the sheep milk was reduced by 0.5kg. Successful feta cheese creation resulted in sheep milk weight reduction of 0.6kg. When using the cheese drill on today's bison milk, upon failure the bison milk takes at least 0.01 damage (no reduction in weight). Successful buffalo cheese creation resulted in bison milk weight reduction of 0.6kg. This inconsistency seems like it is likely a glitch, rather than an intended functionality; I'm guessing the buffalo cheese creation process is bugged. FYI: - Both types of milk were contained within their own cedarwood small bucket, though I doubt that had any bearing on the outcome (mentioning it to aid in bug reproduction). - The buffalo milk took damage on buffalo cheese creation failure regardless of the creation method used (Crafting Window vs menu driven "activate cheese drill -> RtClick buffalo milk -> Create -> Food -> Buffalo cheese").
  2. Try using a shovel or mining pick... a "digging" tool will "dig out" a stump in one action, usually. Banging on it with a maul? Not as effective. Btw... WOGIC: shields do not fit in armor stands.
  3. I would agree with the first option, the "opt-out or be included" selection... more accurate maps help everyone, and it should be a mayor's responsibility to make their voice heard if they don't want to participate in a project that helps the community... but that's just my opinion.
  4. As a new player (my wife and I just found and started playing a couple of weeks ago, after 15 years of MMO gaming dating back to the UO & EQ days), I will totally +1 this idea!