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  1. I agree with you on that. I think the combat should be driven by a diversification overhaul as much as any other reason. Essentially it should do the same thing that the cooking update did for food in Wurm. Let every weapon be useful in its own way to encourage people to skill up multiple weapon types instead of trying to max 1 type and using the same thing in every situation.
  2. We're recruiting again. Please let me know if you are interested in joining. We have a few active people but we would love to add to the list. There are professions which we are lacking and anyone is welcome. Thank you.
  3. Things have been quieting down on Harmony. Anyone interested in joining send me a message.
  4. We're staying on Harmony. If your friends are going to Cadence, feel free to join up with us instead of being alone. We also like villages to join our alliance. We have around 20 villages in the trade alliance now.
  5. Bump. There are now 14 villages in our trade alliance and none are satellite deeds. Each alliance member will be privy to preferred merchant locations in our market soon. We're looking for more people to become allies with. PM me here or to Turkeys on Harmony if interested. Thanks.
  6. We've lost a couple people and gained a few. We're still recruiting if anyone is interested.
  7. I reloaded the map and now I don't see the orange outline. Did we lose it?
  8. 880,726 at N16 Northern Freedom Isles Market
  9. Hello. If you are still searching, the Northern Freedom Isles Market would like to have you. Here is some more info about us below. Feel free to pm Turkeys in game.
  10. We are still recruiting all players. Send a pm if interested, or check out our alliance information. We sometimes offer paid work and give special offers to our alliance network. More info:
  11. We have over 10 villages in our alliance, most of them not directly affiliated with our marketeers. Add your village to the list. Our allies are privy to better merchant locations and if your village is large enough, you may be able to have a private building space in our market later on for storing your merchant wares. We have big plans, and we hope you will be part of them.
  12. We have some openings for blacksmiths and other roles, take a look at our table in the original post and we are looking for villagers of all types. Any profession and any amount of playtime. Premium membership preferred. Pm here or send a message on Harmony to Turkeys. Thanks!
  13. We're making good progress but have had some roles that need filled or have been opened. We are looking for more villagers. Check out our original thread for more info:
  14. Our settlement is the center of a growing alliance. Check out out alliance recruitment thread here: We are currently recruiting if anyone is interested in joining up. Send a message here or pm Turkeys on Harmony.
  15. The Northern Freedom Isles Market has a lot of active members and we are the center of a Harmony-based alliance focused on trade. We have a large market currently under development, where we expect many vendors will turn into an endgame market. Why join an alliance? Here are some useful perks of being part of our alliance: 1. You'll be able to easily ask our members if they have a certain product available for sale. We already have some merchants set up selling wares at our settlement. 2. If your settlement is large with several merchants, you will be able to have a small building in our market deed, with private access for only your villagers. The larger your village, the bigger the building. You'll be able to store stuff in the building to sell later on your merchant. 3. Your merchant will get more traffic and you will be able to see other wares all in one convenient location. 4. There are 3 main locations for merchants in our market. The prime location is for our marketeers, the secondary location (still great locations) are for our allies. And the third (and less favorable) location is for all others who want to place a merchant with us. What's the key point here? Join our alliance! 5. Place your merchants in our market and help us get more sellers while we help you get more buyers and traffic. 6. You'll be able to use our outposts later, which will provide safety and a place to rest while traveling. This is to be determined at a later time. This sounds too good to be true. What's the catch? There's really no reason NOT to join an alliance. You can set permissions for people in your alliance the same as you can set permissions for all other groups. Your village will continue to be safe as long as you don't give alliance members any special permissions that you don't want to trust them with. We look forward to adding you to the growing list of villages in our alliance. You can message me here or leave a comment, but the most effective way of joining will be messaging Turkeys while logged into Harmony. Thanks for reading! -Turkeys
  16. I have updated the list of current roles and we need to fill a few slots. Anyone interested in joining can message Turkeys in game or send a private message here. Thanks.
  17. [17:23:10] The settlement of The Northern Freedom Isles Market has just been founded by Turkeys. Now accepting new members and villages for our alliance, the Wurm Trade Union.
  18. Thamorian is correct. We have a few open roles, or you can join up as a general helper.