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  1. Usable Traps on Freedom

    I'd like to be able to use them for something.
  2. Pinewood Redoubt looking to recruit

    Taog's a cool dude. He plays regularly. His settlement definitely has a frontier feel to it.
  3. I second that interest. We can do it for houses and fences, it should be possible for bridges also.
  4. We've recently moved to a new place deep in the forests of E15. I'm looking for a fellow adventurer (new or old) who is looking for a fresh start somewhere. I live in the GMT+9 Time Zone(Korea) and I play most evenings. We don't have to always play at the same time--I just want someone interested in building and inhabiting a new place deep in the woods with me. How hilarious would this be as an intro on a dating site? I have a pretty busy work week but I can still log on a few hours a day, and on weekends. Anyway, if you are interested at all I will happily accept any skill set. I just want to make sure you enjoy Wurm enough to stick around for a while and not disappear after a few days. I already have some materials, a ship for moving, and a decent skill set. Send me a pm here, leave a comment, or send Yekrut a message in game if you're interested. I'm on Xanadu. [update Jan 2017] 3 guys moved with me, but 2 are MIA. So it's me and him, and things are great, but 1 or 2 others would also be nice. We have 3 bee hives, marble, silver, tons of apple trees, and a building plan that's rather ambitious, but unique. We plan on making a big hidden farm and other facilities soon. If you are interested in joining or learning more, send me a pm here on the forum. Thanks. [update Sep 2017] Just me living here again. The other guys stopped logging on. I'm living in GMT-4 in USA now. A lot of things have been built but there is still more I need some help with. I don't have coin to offer for help, so that's why I offer co-ownership. The living spaces are equal among me and whoever joins. Hoping to find 1-3 people to work together in a vision. I have a very unique design in mind for this settlement. Some people have asked for photos of what I want to do. I have built it in deedplanner but if I post them I'm concerned someone else will build it before I can. So I can only say that the design is unique and not something I have ever seen before in Wurm. I also want to keep the terrain looking as natural as possible. You can raise any skill you want here, just check with me in advance and I'll tell you where is cool to do it. There's a huge farm that needs help with--opportunity for farming skill gain and half the crops I harvest at 80ql+. I like to share things we work on together, so you help with the farming you get half the harvest at 80ql+. There is a big mine with a neat layout, where I'm currently living until the houses are made, and it's on deed so your stuff would be safe. We have about every ore vein there except slate so far. I'm sure I'll dig one out eventually. I'm between work contracts right now so I can play more than I did before. If you're the first person to join up I'll give you a 3-speed unicorn to love. If you decide to leave some day you can certainly take it with you. Thanks for reading. [update Oct 2017] 3 people joined up last month. Things have been going pretty well. One guy decided to leave and make his own settlement, so there was room for one more. Another guy is interested, so when I know his decision I will update the topic again. The bridges are basically completed for the settlement. Now it's time to start the houses.
  5. I tried to reproduce this bug but I was unable to figure out how it happened. I taste and eat from my larder all the time. This time I opened it like normal, tried to taste some foods there, and nothing happened. Thought it was lag, so I tried examining something to see if the server was responding. It was responding normally. Tried to taste several meals again, with no indication of anything in the event window. I pulled one meal out into my inventory and tried to taste it there, but nothing happened. I checked to make sure I wasn't scrolled up in the Event tab but it was not the case. I tried eating the meal in my inventory and that worked. Then I tried tasting it. Suddenly it was fixed. At that point I could also correctly taste all the meals in the larder. Eating from one food seemed to have fixed the issue with them all. It's not much to work with, but it's the only bug I have experienced in a long time, so here is my report.
  6. [BUG] Damage colours do not show for items in Knapsack

    They also don't show up in worn satchel. They appear to be working properly in inventory satchels.
  7. I appreciate the kind words. My settlement now has 3 citizens and myself, so we are no longer looking for additional players. However, if there are any vacancies I will update this thread again. They all seem happy, and things are working out well. Thanks everyone.
  8. Huge sale of cheap enchants

    Please send 2 20c coc med rugs to Yekrut.
  9. Wurm Ultimate Recipe Maker (Affinity Meals)

    I noticed you had the different types of bread in the tool before, but in this updated version there are no breads. Boilingfort mentioned it above, as well as others. Thanks for your hard work!
  10. Looking to buy the transmutation liquid to change a moss tile to tundra. It's made from copper and orange juice. I'll pay 3s - half up front and half when the tile successfully converts. The price is negotiable depending on availability. Pm me or send a message to Yekrut in game. Thanks.
  11. Wurm Roadmap May 2017

    As has already been mentioned, money sinks already exist in upkeep and items that traders sell for silver. The reason for price fluctuations is that more and more people are capable of crafting items, so supply is going up while demand stays neutral or goes down. Costmetic items are a good idea, but it would be tricky to implement them properly. There are people who spent a lot of time and silver getting rare masks, weapons, etc. that would be pissed to see a variety of new helmets/masks that can easily be purchased through a Wurm shop. Regardless of whether they give bonuses or are only cosmetic, it would devalue the masks that already exist. Some cosmetic items that might have no conflict with current in-game items are: tattoos change starter clothes color emotes
  12. Your tool is awesome and I want to thank you for putting so much time and effort into this project. It's undoubtedly one of the most useful tools for Wurm and I hope you continue to update it until it's complete. I have a request, and that is for oils and seed values to be added. A lot of recipes use oils and I was hoping to start using seeds in my recipes for extra CCFP--I'm probably not the only one. If I can do something to help in the game (like sending you ingredients) just send me a pm. I'm on Yekrut most of the time. Thanks!
  13. Rare Rake

  14. Rare Stone Chisel

  15. Starting Bid: 7s - (Which awesome person is going to put down the first bid?) Bid Increment: 10c+ - (Raise in bid should be by at least 10 copper each time.) Sniper Protection: 1 Hour - (Winner is last person to bid before 1 hour gap after auction ends.) [01:24:46] A kind of small hand-held scythe with a crescent-moon formed blade. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. [01:44:22] It is enchanted with Animal's demise, and has an aggressive aura towards animals. [01:44:22] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [78] [01:44:22] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [85] [01:44:22] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [76] [01:44:22] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [82] It has served me well. This has been an excellent weapon. I recommend this item as a main weapon or as a relatively cheap weapon for your alt. I have been solo in the woods since 15fs and studded leather with this kind of weapon, and survived 98% of the time. Now I'm over 70 sickle skill and have decided to change to raise another weapon skill. You can see it's 89 quality with no damage. May it serve you well.
  16. WTA Rare Enchanted Battle Sickle

    About 40 min left, then sniper protection starts. It means no one can come in at the last second and bid before the timer ends. So when the auction officially ends people can still bid and the winner is the last person to bid before 1 hour passes with no other bids.
  17. WTA Rare Enchanted Battle Sickle

    2 hours left!
  18. WTA Rare Enchanted Battle Sickle

    bump =) 26h left
  19. Still looking for a couple more people. I changed time zones (GMT-4) and can play more than before. Message me here or in game. My character is Yekrut.
  20. WTB Rare Forge - Bought

    Looking to buy a rare forge of any quality for 5s if I pick up, 6s if you deliver. I live at F14 Xanadu. It's accessible by knarr using 2 canals from C14. PM Yekrut in-game or message me here. Thanks! *Can Close
  21. WTS rare and supreme forges

    I'll buy one forge and pick up if you sell for 4s. -Yekrut
  22. Blackstone's Enchanted Items

    bump for great prices =D