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  1. We still have room for two new players or even returning players.
  2. I am interested as well. If you do sell the much for Corbita and Wagon? ( I don't want to assume 11s - 9s =2s in this case )
  3. Grooming Brush, oakenwood 4.00 QL 75 CoC for 50c COD Sorshanna! Thanks!
  4. I may be able to lightly bruise try to make that!
  5. Yes a dungeon looking wall would be neat....barred windows...
  6. Can close

    Got them thanks!
  7. Can close

    Butchering Knife, iron (68coc) 65c to Sorshanna please ohh and the Stone Chisel for 45c: If you can mail? I am on Exodus.
  8. LOTRO has an interesting system for allowing players to play midi music with musical instruments, but perhaps the musical scores would have to be learned and the Bard skilled up. Carpentry and Fine Carpentry is used to create various types of musical instruments, such as the mandolin, harp, drum, flute, and other such medieval musical devices. The Bard may also make parchment from reed and write poems, ballads, fables, and perhaps even create books as suggested in previous posts.
  9. Ah yes very nice, but also some benches like those of a picnic table, short and long, would be nice as well as church pews and such.
  10. Pillory, Guillotine, Hangman Stand, Podium, Water Wheel, Torture Rack, and other fun things to make with Fine Carpentry would be nice.
  11. Good point in PvP servers....the building of random areas and allowing them to rot in order to hinder enemy infiltration. Agreed. On PvE lets get to it!
  12. A rustic table/container for decoration and for the storage of tools that resembles a rustic table / work bench for the decorating of working areas, forge areas, and such. Wooden tool racks, like weapon racks, might be nice too. Uses carpentry / fine carpentry to build. (Google images Rustic Table with Tools Second Life for example)
  13. We have stone....why not wood? The wood bench was a common piece of medieval furniture. Uses Carpentry and Fine carpentry for various versions such as short, long, and church pew.
  14. Cheese drill is nice.....but I want a Butter Churn model! Need more items to decorate kitchens and cooking areas.