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  1. I think i spent more time helping out at GA than i did back at my deed so quit the bollocks lol. If it wasnt for a certain person spying for us in JK we would never have got their map. Which i scoured for deeds and found one which was probably about to be placed near where meth is right now which prompted us to place it. And by most people, you mean just you because your the only one who isnt still there...
  2. I would rather see the god of war be able to bash and have better combat spells
  3. Hm. Can we get confirmation of imping or not? Kind of crucial if you want to use it xD
  4. Would have to agree, make the sound like the slap, but a bit more meaty and bassy/crunchy where it hits the face
  5. would be funny, heard it was before, but no
  6. Wild Has history, relics and amazing war stories to be told and looked at from the various wars and battles that have scarred the land itself! It's history that cant be re-written.
  7. JK controlled it before, then we fought and took over it. Maybe if a certain few people didnt try to jump ahead placing a sneaking tunnel mole deed next to meth you would be somewhat closer
  8. No, to be more competitive would require you to leave kyara.
  9. You will barely get a 70 chan 30 sd vyn for that price. Vyn priests are expensive
  10. Yeah. Doesnt work on chaos either of course ^^. Can mine/woodcut which is nice.
  11. I am breeding champ scorps atm, pen is near my house. But yeah I think it would be quieter in a pig barn than my deed right now xD