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  1. Kinda surprised no one mentioned Queenie, although I have no idea how old she was/is.
  2. Client hack bans

    Huh? Never had an account by the name of Susie, only had Pombear, Rozare and Jools.
  3. Chaos Decision

    Really Xallo? You are clearly being fed misinformation. The boat you are talking about was passengered by 2 alts. They couldn't commandeer. We had many MR at the docks who could have got on as commander at any point but we were waiting for people. Secondly the horse which was mislead by Red was instantly given back as Red made a mistake in leading it. The loot we so call 'took' from your deed was infact the Loot we had ALREADY secured from your deed well before the server crashing even started. We were allowed to safely return TO the boats with the loot because it was technically IN OUR possession as was now owned by us due to the fact we HAD taken it from your deed. The only people you had at the docks were alts which you were trying to use to grief in any means necessary DESPITE the fact that it had been stated no PvP was to be allowed which included trying to take anything anyway so there was no reason for your alts to be there. What you people don't seem to be realizing is, you are complaining about the fact we are being told to VACATE your deed despite the fact that on Friday we had a 37 man strong raid force and you had few people there to stop us from breaking into your houses and chests. The damage done to your deed would have been A LOT more severe than it currently is, considering we HAD to call off the raid and we had to abandon the premises. You have so far made accusations including the fact that 'you could have defended' and that you 'were unable to do anything during the lag'. MR had these problems too, so far we have had people die from being attacked while the lag occurred due to either being on deed when the Templar's spawned or being attacked by tower guards. Not only this but a raid we planned for over a week has had to have been called off and we have had to return to Kratos. You aren't the only people aggravated by the situation its caused us. I seriously don't get how a DDOS attacked that pretty much saved your deed from being completely ransacked is something you should complain about when we are told to leave. Near enough most of the JK that are currently present online were not there when we attacked the deed the other day so you cant say 'we could be killing them right now'. Also trying to claim the Scepter was in your possession was just Low and pretty pathetic. Most people who know me know I'm rarely one to pipe up about kingdom conflict but the way some of the JK have handled this whole ordeal and tried to abuse it has really made me lose some of my respect for your kingdom as a whole. Respect to the GM team for handling it effectively and hastily despite being under pressure from several players. Particularly Enma and Vesper.
  4. Just go with option D. There's going to be no real way to sort it out when both sides want something different. D is fair to everyone and MR is happy to be responsible for those logged off by the deed and securing their safety.
  5. +1, while you're at it make it so you cant change the capital to a town which has had enemies in its perimeter within the last 30 minutes or so. Would help with the way its being abused.
  6. I don't think an auction house would fit in with the wurm economy. On the other hand you could perhaps have a similar like system with a 'noticeboard'. Essentially just a board for people to browse, which has player advertisements for tools/merchants on the server you are on. Would still be down to the player to arrange the trade etc.
  7. Think all the ideas in this thread are great, but If I had to choose one I'd probably go with either the shop counters or scribe/books. Think the books could have quite a huge impact on the game roleplay wise, player diaries, writing down kingdom events for historical purposes, or maybe just writing up guides/rules for new players wanting to join villages.
  8. I'm sure it could be used on PvE servers too just to take the piss out of a villager that died or something, lol.
  9. Option to behead a corpse with any two handed weapons (besides maul, that would just make smush). With the head you could mount it on spikes and place it down as decor to intimidate your enemies and scrolling over this decor would appear as 'Head of '[name of character]' or you could fling them into enemy deeds via catapults if you so desired, the choice would be yours entirely.
  10. I like the look of this patch but as a Mag priest main for god knows how many years I'm kind of hoping I'm not completely undermined by the whole implementation of Sorcerers. The penalties on priests especially as a main has always been pretty strong so unless the Sorcerer's are equally penalized they should be within no comparison to priests imho.
  11. Lets not ###### each other potty. You know in the current state of affairs with the kingdoms, a patch like this would only be beneficial to the JK. In fact the last deed I believe you guys tried to raid was a small undefended deed north of Eden, which had maybe 2-3 walls to actually get to the token. I get it, its not easy trying to defend a deed with few people to be on at all hours, but plenty of deeds have been in those situations before. Hell I mean HoM was actually formed partly because of that reason. We were split into many small inactive villages and JK and BL were both attacking us frequently, if anything MR was in a worse state than JK is now but we understood that for a better chance at survival on wild we needed to band together into one big highly defendable super deed. That's just the way wild is, kingdoms will have their highs and they will have their lows, you can either ###### about it or you can do something about it.
  12. Sounds more like a cry of help than a suggestion. I tend to not get involved in kingdom to kingdom bitching but regardless of whether I was JK or MR I would still think this was a bad idea. I've seen villages knocked down to the ground on chaos day after day and guess what? The people that were part of that deed simply rebuilt it and moved on. That's just Wild, it will always be Wild and should always stay that way. There's plenty of other servers for those who can't take the heat.