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  1. To the top!!
  2. Ebo lives!!!
  3. No one in your new group or yourself is linked to anything nefarious? The argument from me was about the hypocrisy. I don't have all the background on everyone here because not that veteran of a player but a lot in the thread has been linked to nefarious actions. But maybe just all rumors.
  4. Just curious how is that fight skill so high? Was it diff mechanics back then?
  5. 80ql hd 92 nimble 60rt best offer selling today!!!
  6. How would smaller kingdoms be able to win king of hill style? Death trap
  7. Still looking buying any kind
  8. Can close
  9. Cod nussenknack
  10. Hard to stand toe to toe with out true strike which sucks right?
  11. Any tome charges
  12. Bump to the top. Win by Win, Day by Day!!!!
  13. Your only good as your last win!!!! Win by Win Day by Day
  14. Great Christmas for Ebo!! Join today and become top on chaos. Win by Win.Day by Day