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  1. Hello Retrograde, Thank you for that. Please note, I can see you have worked on the idea, in future give people the choice whether to participate. But again thank you
  2. Yes, I am angry Madnath. Much as I see your point, I do think this is more than just a "bit different". I do not want to look that that. I do not like being forced to look like that. I do not usually care much for cosmetic things, I use the game to relax, to disappear into an imaginary world for a moment and I find this change has ruined my immersion in the game. I have no problem with wurm giving you the option to be a zombie, bear or ghost but why force us to be something we don't want to be. I do hope you can perhaps see my point of view, it is the lack of choice. A sandbox game is about choice, at least that is what I thought.
  3. Madnath, I am not saying you cannot be a zombie if you want. My point is that I don't want to be one. I hate the whole genre. Lazy script writers go for the zombie option when they run out of ideas, all I am asking is to have the option to opt out. Should I have not have the choice? I did not sign up to be a zombie, would not play a game if I had to be one. It is a prescriptive update, you will join in whether you like it or not.
  4. I am sure there is someone thinking "hey what a crazy cool idea this is, I shall make everyone a zombie for Halloween". If only I could get a refund for the 2 weeks I am going to lose not playing whilst this enforced stupidity is going on. It has totally destroyed my immersion in the game, I am really annoyed and considering quitting if this is the state of mind of the game developers. We should have the choice, there are yellow potions if you want to dress up, we should not be forced to join in. Why not make a yellow potion return you to normal during the event? At least then I can enjoy not looking totally ridiculous.
  5. What is all this with forcing us to be zombies. Utterly destroys immersion in the game for me. Stupid idea.
  6. Just purchased two ql-92 butcher knives for my ninja-wielding friend, excellent turn round and good price, thanks Gumbo
  7. My thanks to GoldFever and Malajane who have taken most of the veggies and wemp. The ships and arrows remain along with 5k pumpkins.
  8. Hello Gold Fever, Sure the garlic and wemp are still available, when would you like to collect it? You can PM me in-game or leave a message here. Diddy
  9. Consumables: I have quite a stock of mixed 90+-quality food and consumables: Current stocks: onions 7k; pumpkins 5k; potatoes 4k; corn 6k; garlic 4k and strawberries 1k.... cotton 2k; wemp 4k. These are available at 60 copper per 1k (i.e. 6s per mixed 10,000). Buyer collects, I do not deliver (very sorry), hence the cheaper price. We produce about 5k a week. Ships, bows and arrows: Also Caravel 12s (ready), Knarr 9s (2 days off), Cog 6s (1 week off), Corbita 3s (ready). Arrows for 1s: 200 at 52-ql or 100 at 75-ql Bows 80-ql: 20c Full set of 70-ql studded leather, plain leather or cotton armour 1s. We are located at the address below (Sandie World) or at the lakeside at 39x 34y (Sand Castle). Diddy & Sandie
  10. Hello there, I make arrows by the thousand, 1s for 200 at 52-ql 1s for 100 at 75-ql but for larger orders we can settle a price, I can make them up to 90-ql but to be fair, they almost all hit at 80-ql. I usually do maple as they take less damage than cedar and war arrows or hunter it doesn't matter. I am on U.K. timezones, mostly at weekends, let me know if you are interested. Diddy
  11. I'd certainly make you a knarr for 10s, but 8 or 9 is a bit low given all the effort (and trees).
  12. Wasn't Rolf the first post? Which suggests that far from being on holiday he is currently battling against technology to get our game working again. Looks like I should have used up all my sleep bonus last night!
  13. Sorry I don't deliver, buyer collects. To Old_Lando, I am based at Sandie World which is on the map for Independence (36x36y) and is next door to Port Onody. Regards Diddyness
  14. Hello there, I have lots of wemp to sell, I tend to produce a lot and never use it all. Currently I have 5k of 90-ql wemp for sale at 3s. 75-ql maple war and hunter arrows at 1s per 100 52-ql maple war and hunter arrows at 1s per 200 Every order of 200 gets a free 75-ql bow of their choice. Also for sale Corbita, 3 silver. Either /tell Diddyness in game at weekends or leave a message. I only play at weekends (mostly).
  15. Found

    Hello Baid, I have 5,000 90-quality wemp but I am on Independence, sorry. I also have 4,000 85-quality. You would need to collect but I would consider selling all 9k for 5 silver. Regards