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  1. Hello, Could i order from you a grooming brush with coc over 90 please. COD to Wigglewurm plz. Ty Wigglewurm.
  2. Hi, Would like to have COD'd a 10QL Grooming Brush with 90ish COC please. COD to Wigglewurm please. TY
  3. WMADD LatLng(125.341676, 641.500008)=Heaven ; Mailbox
  4. Please COD to Wigglewurm: Huge axe, iron, 70ql, 89nimb, 96LT, 79coc, 60ms - 15s Horse shoe, Iron, 70woa - 2s Horse shoe, Iron, 72woa - 2s Horse shoe, Iron, 75woa - 2s Horse shoe, Iron, 77woa - 2s Imp to 71QL plz 50ql Saddle, 62woa - 2s Thank you Wiggle.
  5. Hello, Can you please COD to Wigglewurm: 4 70QL Horseshoes with 70 power WOA on each Thank you
  6. COD to Wigglewurm please: 5.08QL grooming brush, oak CoC80 - 2.08 silver TY
  7. Please COD to Wigglewurm: 7.62QL hatchet head, iron CoC54 - 67 copper bladder CoC79 - 3.07 silver tooth CoC74 - 2.32 silver gland CoC77 - 2.77 silver 56.06QL cotton CoC55 - 71 copper lump, iron CoC70 - 1.72 silver 5.97QL saw, iron CoC83 - 3.87 silver Thank you Wiggle.
  8. HEllo, Can you please COD to Wigglewurm the following: fine meditation rug 40ql beautiful meditation rug 50ql exquisite meditation rug 50ql Thx
  9. Shovel, Iron, 86coc - 4s COD Wigglewurm plz. ty.
  10. QL 71 Dog pelt c84 (4.8s) QL ~11 Meditation rug c67 (1.7s)QL ~10 Meditation rug c65 (1.5s)QL ~10 Meditation rug c64 (1.4s) QL 75 Spindle, oak w54 c74 (4.5s) QL 70 Saddle w60 (4s) QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w70 (3s)QL 73 Horse shoe, Iron w64 (2.4s)QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w63 (2.3s)QL 73 Horse shoe, Iron w57 (1.85s) COD Wigglewurm Thx