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  1. Clearance Sale Enchants And Rares

    SteelPickAxe 80CoC - 90c
  2. Bad Traits on Horses

    Good Advice, I will keep working at it, Thank you.
  3. Bad Traits on Horses

    My alt has 64 AH. It seems backwards that I had better luck breeding 5 speed stock when I only could produce 5 trait horses, but now that I can produce 6 traits, I have more "bad" foals. I understand the math, and how it works, and the results I am now getting are consistent with the programming, but ...just seems questionable that the higher the AH you get, the harder it is to consistently produce the horse that is in really highest demand... straight 5 speeds. Almost makes me wish there was a switch, whereby we could set the "effective" AH skill you would use for any breeding.
  4. Another QL90 Saddle woa90+

  5. Please change the name at 42x 58y from Port Buckeye to Thorinhold Thank you.
  6. ql90 saddle woa91

  7. Simple beekeeping

    To Bee or not to be....that is the question.... Rolf?
  8. yes, sorry boots bid at 1.5 s
  9. 2 drake sets for auction!

    Buyout on the Green Set. 85 Silver
  10. SOLD...Plz Close

    Sent you a buyout offer via the forum messenger.
  11. [Closed] 80ql 80+aosp Full Plate armor.

    Please feel free to forward them via mail to me at your earliest convenience. Thank you