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  1. Grape Trellis Bug

    It was just a right click option I had, The Trellis had a different visual look to it as well. I think they might have hotfixed it.
  2. Grape Trellis Bug

    Yeah, I was just in alliance chat and told everyone that I could harvest grapes from my trellis I made the other day. I think they actually got ripe right after I got off. Someone from my Alliance told me that even grape bushes weren't in season so, I was confused and decided to see if anyone else knew anything more about the issue.
  3. Grape Trellis Bug

    Hi, so when logging into Wurm today, I find that I can harvest grapes from the trellis, when you can't even yet, harvest grape bushes. I feel like that it a bug of sorts. Let me know if anyone finds out if it is meant to be this way! Just thought i'd see. Not sure yet if the same thing is or has happened for any of the other harvestable trellis.
  4. Supreme Horse Shoe Auction [Sold]

    Supreme Horse Shoe Auction Item: 1 Supreme Horse Shoe 32.69 QL Starting bid: 6 silver Bid Increments: 1 silver Snipe Protection: None Auction Length: 48 hours (2 days)
  5. I'm willing to sell 4k dirt on Newspring Island, pick-up only. Pm Vyndistan or Southpaw
  6. Sermon Group in SW Xanadu

    I plan on coming!