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  1. Hi all, little update on the server: We have already little community growing, so far 7 deeds were founded and first PvP skirmishes had place. People started to kill first uniqes - more folks in shiny drake armours to be expected soon. So far community is focused more on the deed developing and skill grinding so traveling trough the map is rather safe. No violence towards new players has been noted yet, (Yeah we are newbie friendly ) moreover - majority of the deed mayors is searching for villagers, if you did not try PvP yet, or you just want to focus on the fight/searching artifacts/killing uniques/pick whatever you want - without bothering yourself about building a deed - its your time to join! From the minor changes: - we have added one additional trader on the west edge of the central (HOTA) island - you can buy there a rowing or sailing boat - in very decent prices. - existing trader (near WL) received few additional items to sell, very useful for the new players like deities statuettes or bows. So, if your WO character is getting busy on grinding some new super important skill or your kingdom doesnt need you at the moment.... or maybe you would like to try PvP? Open new window and join Bonds 2 now!
  2. The server has been finally moved to independent VPS, low ping - especially for the players from Europe. Rules clarification: Dirt bridges are allowed - they just cannot obtruct sailing in any way. Macros also allowed. No Non-pvp zones, offline rides allowed (dont get used to your stuff - it's fast pvp) Game Mechanics update: - The Wrath of Mag is disabled - The Desintegrate spell has 3 x difficulty - Making rare bones trough the rare arrow packs and rare water no longer possible. In general, testing has been finished and the server is ready to host the players - MANY uniques are already waiting for you! Bonds of the Damned 2 1 Kingdom PvP, No Champs, Treasure Maps, Artifacts, Hota enabled with some custom rewards and a lot of other custom changes from wyvern mods! Notably, Random spawns until you have a deed. No need for towers, Drop a deed anywhere you like. Any player not in your village is an enemy. Also watch out for titans
  3. Hi all! Time to WURM again came, and I would like to buy some account. (Yes, Im too lazy to develop my character again from zero) I have budget for this around 25e (we can negotiate), so if you have something to offer me, please send me skill dump in private massage Thank you! Dedey
  4. Hello! Unfortunetly, i have to sell my Wurm character - DedeyVonZirrael Please visit this link, there you can find my skill dump - In buying this character is included: - Knarr over 60 QL with anchor ant fantastic lock - Corbita ~40Ql with anchor - Wagon and cart - Large Axe ~75QL 85LT 76COC 92NIMB - Large shield with 69 COC - Tools: rake 67COC, rake 54woa, Grooming brush 87coc, sickle 75coc, hatchet 82coc, hatchet 67coc, hatchet 68coc, butchering knife 82coc - Iron chain set - 70 QL 80WOA saddle with 4 woa horseshoes (~45woa) - 1k cooked meat, around 1k cotton and wemp with middle lvl QL, a lot of animal parts, and other usless and useful bulk - long bow 70QL - axe, iron 70QL - maul, iron 70QL - 5speed horse, around 10 cows, few bulls, sheeps, bisons, 3 wild hell horses Char affinity: Religion "You have premium time until 27 Sep 2015 17:59:59 GMT" Character is actually on Delivarence. Starting bid : 70 silvers/euro (payment via paypal, od in game by silvers) Min. inc.: 5 silvers/euro Buyout: 100 silvers/euro Feel free to pm me for more info! Dedeyvonzirrael
  5. Hello! I want to sell 25 silvers, 1s:1e. I have verified PayPal account. For more info pm me. DedeyVonZirrael