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  1. I previously suggested that wagoneers could be made able to transport players besides goods. They would function similarly to a taxi and would allow for easy visits to distant friends (at a fee). Being able to focus on enjoying the ride instead of focusing on driving and avoiding dangerous mobs would make for a refreshing change. Any dev care to comment on this suggestion?
  2. Please add an option to travel with the wagoneer to a destination! I would love to be able to visit distant friends without having to make the long trek myself. This would also encourage exploring the server in a less labour intensive manner. Any comments on this?
  3. ARK Survival Evolved allows players to adjust game settings just like Wurm Unlimited will, these 'cheat codes' server are actually more popular than the official ones. People will find their own balance in difficulty. That the game allows for cheating by making it too easy doesn't mean everyone will...
  4. I've been out of Wurm for over half a year now, I keep coming back though because it's just an awesome sandbox game, but to me, the skillgain is too slow and the craft timers as well. Allowing me to adjust that to my own preference will make the game viable time-wise for me to play again. I've been waiting for this for a looong time. Kudos!
  5. Hi all, after almost 2 years of inactivity I'd like try Wurm again as long as time permits it. Therefore I'm looking for a new village in Xanadu, preferably coastal. I have 50+ carpentry and masonry, along with some other skills at decent levels. I've learned a lot about Wurm and it's mechanics in the time that I played, so I usually know what I'm doing. To be honest I don't really care how developed the village is, as long as there is room for a mediumsized private house, the rest can all be communal for all I care . One problem though is that I'm currently stranded on the westside of Indy, at the Mouse Hole Memorial, so I need some kind of transportation to get there as walking isn't really an option (6km/h because of plate).
  6. Forgot to mention it's unfinished, so I can COD it, It's yours for 2s
  7. Any idea what a rare large chest is worth?
  8. Bought a corbita while I forgot that I already owned one, so I'm offering this one at discount price. Includes mooring anchor and boat lock. [19:15:15] A ship with square sails steered by two side rudders connected to each other. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from cedarwood. You will want to polish the "....." with a pelt to improve it. Ql: 42.311325, Dam: 0.0. It is moored here. The name of the owner, Zenoxgear, has been etched in the stern. Price is 4.5s, post here or PM me.
  9. Need extra storage space? We've got what you need! With the introduction of crates we no longer have to buy expensive and inefficient rafts, they are much easier to make. But why do all the hard work yourself, when we from Frozen Logistic can do the repetitive work for you! Crates are our primary product, but we sell all kinds of other bulk containers as well. We aim to be the cheapest storage provider around, so if you find anyone with cheaper prices, let us know and we will change our prices accordingly! All of our products are made of cedarwood, so your containers will last longer. Carpentry Small crate - 5c Large crate - Coming soon BSB - 10c FSB - 10c Fine Carpentry Small barrel - 2c Large barrel - 8c Delivery We can deliver to all PvE servers, orders of 2s+ receive free delivery regardless of distance. Celebration: 10c Exodus: 25c Deliverance: 50c Independence: 75c Current stock: 6x small crate 3x small barrel We work on order/stock basis, but feel free to shoot a PM if you are in desperate need of some storage, we'll see what we can do. Prices are subject to change. Frozen Logistic reserves the right to change the price at any moment,
  10. Added yellow potion and firework, further lowered prices.
  11. Selling: 4x sleeping powder (1s each, 3.8s all) 1x seryll lump 80 QL (95c - 1.5% dmg) 1x soft cap (1s) 1x fireworks (80 QL - 40c) 1x yellow potion (50QL - 45c) Post or PM me for details.
  12. Looking for an exquisite meditation rug around 50-60 QL, post here and PM me if you have an offer. I need it ASAP.
  13. I would sooo love to see this happen, +1 for bedrolls. Maybe also a hitching post or something to keep animals from escaping?