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  1. Glad I'm not the only one reacting positively. For once, I think a more controlled environment will make it much easier to learn the mechanics of the game, and the more dynamic worlds with AI-controlled "enemy players" will make worlds that will stay fun and interesting even in those periods where Wurm is almost deserted and player activity is low.
  2. Bumping yet again, for there is a spot for everyone with the will and commitment to work for us.
  3. Here is the problem. This siege shield moved and turned OK until it was up against this wall here. Now attempting to turn it into any direction gives the "creatures blocking your turning" error message. I double checked that there were no creatures in range (or even on the other sidee of the wall, but to no avail.
  4. Bumping the topic...for glory. Our walls won't be made of just stone and mortar, but also of the blood and souls of those who will stand on top of them to defend the kingdom's glory. A safe haven for the weak, a land of ordeal for the strong, Blood Imperium is what you seek.if you want to be part of a noble and fruitful endeavor.
  5. With the authority given to me by the Terraformer's Guild, I +1 this topic to high heavens!
  6. Bump! We're active and getting readier by the day! Join now and become a founding member!
  7. Thanks, I have received a reply. Can this topic be closed?
  8. Actually, the fact is I'm looking for a kingdom in the Elevation server, not Chaos.
  9. Thanks, but Chaos is not quite what I'm looking for.
  10. After spending enough time in the Freedom cluster to get the hang of the game (3 months, been premium for one) I eventually decided to attempt joining a kingdom on Elevation. What I'm looking for is an active and friendly community, preferably looking to develop and with much work to do. While the character may be new, I know how useful having one more person to help with the biggest tasks can be. I'm active, friendly, cooperating, and willing to do pretty much anything to help, including fighting. I still have a vteleport, so position is not a problem. Please contact me with a reply, a PM, or an ingame message.
  11. Who? Me, Gallade, owner of the "Safe Spot" settlement, which also includes the mine mentioned here. What? It's an Iron vein of Utmost (95+) quality, easily accessible. Maybe a bit too easily, since it's right in front of the entrance of the mine I started. Having pretty low Mining skill myself, I can't bring myself to waste so much good ore. Therefore, I'm giving you all a unique offer. Bring your superior (80+ if possible, will settle for 70+) mining skills to it and mine to your heart's content. I will retain 25% of the ore you'll mine, but the rest, you can just walk away with as much of it as you can carry. Where? 30x, 45y on the Community Independence map. This is the exact spot: It is on a highway, a few minutes' cart ride from Freedom market, and a bow shot from the Inner Sea. When? Reply to this topic if interested, or contact me in-game. I'll be on most of the time, so just keep an eye on the shout and gshout chats. Make sure to inform me of your Mining skill level, approximate time you'll take getting to destination and how much ore you plan to mine beforehand.
  12.'s the first impression from a humble survival, RPG and Mmo aficionado... This game has the perfect formula for some "social" game. And while I've seen some complain that their unclaimed land has been taken over or the (insert gameplay mechanic here) is too difficult to learn...both are justified. In the first case it's about the only way to handle griefing and land disputes without having to keep admins 24/7 to monitor the ever-expanding world. Players working on building a town which found a lowly player's hut in the way of the constructions would be hindered a lot if they didn't have the option to simply knock it down and build on that land. And as for the second, everything you learn about the game is an achievement in its own right. There is too much of a mentality of gameplay that needs to be as dumbed-down and intuitive as can be, and give you a false sense of accomplishment for figuring out how to do things like walking and breathing. "Punch Trees" is a fitting metaphor, given that this game was co-developed by don't know you can punch a tree. You have almost no clue you have to. But once you do, either by accident or by running out of options, it does give you a sense of discovery. You didn't expect it to work, and it did. That's what it means to have complex gameplay, to have dozens and dozens of these little discoveries, which always leave you in anticipation of your next achievement, and wondering what you will "unlock". So yeah, that justifies the need to read a wiki or (gasp!) playing the game for more than one minute without saying things like "I can't do anything, this sucks, I quit" so that you can get good at it. I have played one similar game to this before...I won't mention the name, but it had one big flaw. Free-for-all, unregulated PvP coupled with permanent death. It made for a great PvE experience, expeically since you had to be extra cautious and plan ahead so that you didn't fall prey to wildlife and have to start a new character, but that was over as soon as anyone with the capability and disposition to break everything you owned, murder you in your sleep and stake a claim on the remains so that you ended up stuck and couldn't inherit any of your past progress decided to do so. This game, besides having more appealing graphics and a wider and more complex game world, lets you decide how much you want to be involved in conflict with other players, so it does also cater to the "peaceful" kind of player, while still punishing them if they jump into things without proper knowledge. I'll surely spread the word about it. It seems there are so few players per servers, I feel it would be right for such a game to be played more.