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  1. i like to buy 1 wagon deliver to c /17 Release =)
  2. really nice and friendly guy to deal with and the item i got was worth the money keepup the good work and ill for sure be back in the future =)
  3. very friendly person to shop at for sure will come back in the future =)
  4. thanks to Azraiel i got the wagon and tent really fast and deliver fast too and friendly person to deal with worth the coins in my book keepup the good work guys =)
  5. can you cod 42ql rake 81coc-81c to barricade please
  6. use to have this really nice blue cart [12:03:44] A fairly large two wheel cart designed to be dragged by an animal. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Wood colors: r=15, g=15, b=236. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It has an interesting aura. It is made from walnut. You must use a mallet on the " Vengeful One" in order to improve it. Ql: 40.426632, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Barricade, has been etched in the stern. not so blue anymore lol
  7. hey Dark i like to order 6k clay from you i live on Release D/17 or just pm me ingame i am online a lot =)
  8. me and a friend was making a new mine entrance and started to mine a vein and this happen dont really know how to exlpain it but show by a few pictures and yes we was able to keep doin it got more screens if needed =)
  9. hey Smilingcat can you please cod scissors, 51 ql, 95 coc, 1.5 s that to me if it is not sold already and thanks a lot for your great work and enchants =)
  10. hey Arc i am back to buy more crazy dyes got 5 dyes i like you to make if you can ofc and this be the ones purple 4 R71 G60 B139 for 7s manganeseblue R3 G168 B158 for 7s cyan 4 (darkcyan) R0 G139 B139 for 7s aquamarine 1 R127 G255 B212 for 7s magenta (fuchsia*) R255 G0 B255 for 7s so total 35s and as always thanks for the great work and service and feel free to pm me if there is any thing u are not sure of =)
  11. can you cod me 28QL knife 88woa-88c please =)
  12. if you happen to run in to a 100 or a 101 coc shovel {ql 1 shovel if u can ) and it is up for sell please do cod me one coin is in back and ready for the deal i cant recommend the guy just yet my first buy but Folke sure seems like a nice and cool guy to talk to so thats a +1 in my book
  13. sorry for second post dont know what happen