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  1. hey Dark i like to order 6k clay from you i live on Release D/17 or just pm me ingame i am online a lot =)
  2. me and a friend was making a new mine entrance and started to mine a vein and this happen dont really know how to exlpain it but show by a few pictures and yes we was able to keep doin it got more screens if needed =)
  3. hey Smilingcat can you please cod scissors, 51 ql, 95 coc, 1.5 s that to me if it is not sold already and thanks a lot for your great work and enchants =)
  4. hey Arc i am back to buy more crazy dyes got 5 dyes i like you to make if you can ofc and this be the ones purple 4 R71 G60 B139 for 7s manganeseblue R3 G168 B158 for 7s cyan 4 (darkcyan) R0 G139 B139 for 7s aquamarine 1 R127 G255 B212 for 7s magenta (fuchsia*) R255 G0 B255 for 7s so total 35s and as always thanks for the great work and service and feel free to pm me if there is any thing u are not sure of =)
  5. can you cod me 28QL knife 88woa-88c please =)
  6. if you happen to run in to a 100 or a 101 coc shovel {ql 1 shovel if u can ) and it is up for sell please do cod me one coin is in back and ready for the deal i cant recommend the guy just yet my first buy but Folke sure seems like a nice and cool guy to talk to so thats a +1 in my book
  7. sorry for second post dont know what happen
  8. can you cod Pickaxe, iron QL_90 WoA_95 2,0s to barricade please and thanks for the work =)
  9. leatherworking

    can you please cod this one to me if it is not sold already QL93, WoA96 3s50c and thanks for the great deals over time will return again =)
  10. leatherworking

    can you please cod this one to me if it is not sold already QL93, WoA96 3s50c and thanks for the great deals over time will return again =)
  11. hey  Smilingcat  was wondering are you still playing ? =)

    1. Smilingcat


      Hi, of course still alive and kicking here ;-)

      I am in Wurm daily. If we missed each other's online time, maybe send me a forum message?

      You can also order stuff right on my thread with ready enchanted items here:


      The items there usually are shipped within minutes if I am online, or at least within 24 hours usually if I am offline or not at home at time of ordering.

  12. so far the work that been going on in the tunnel is we remove all the collpase rock tiles and are now down to only veins left witch is the biggest problem of em all tho i have a few people from around xanadu helping out with the heavy grind we got one fixing ceiling atm to make it taller and nice and flat from there we got to supporting the walls then we will remove all veins in the middle section of the tunnel to let people travle in the tunnel a bit more easy for to 2 last steps is to remove all veins in the 3x wide tunnel and then mine down the floor so we can have bigger ships like caravals corbs etc etc pass the tunnel as the tunnel it self can only be use by knarr sailboat and for last support the floor just to make it look really good and this is only a maybe will maybe make some lamps for the tunnel so it is a bit more easy to see in it but that is the work and future work that will happen in the tunnel
  13. deed name white scale keep dont exist as it is my old deed located at L26 deed at i 8 that dont exist is curios curiosity randalls bay sharks harbour the enclave are all gorn =) my new deed location is now 658.25, - 2795.25 name Agartha and thanks for the nice work you done really like it