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  1. Epic is alive

    The problem is unless you can get some minimum level of persistent activity in your village. You're going to be at a perpetual risk of getting wiped out by bored raiders when you're away. Which kind of sucks if you've put in a lot of work into it. I was out on vacation for a couple weeks a few years ago only to find my village of 5+ years drained and removed when I got back. It's just not worth it.
  2. You know I originally didn't think it would work out that well. But I got a shortcut set up in Steam and gave it a shot without the keyboard and mouse and it actually plays decently well and was hitting a solid 60FPS for me with the default settings. The on screen keyboard popup shows up at the bottom so I had to move the chat to the top of the screen so I could see what I was saying but it worked. I haven't played too extensively yet but just sticking with wasd for the left analogue and the right analogue being the mouse with the left and right triggers being the mouse buttons(one of the default control setups for steam), it's pretty clean to move and look around and do mouse based interactions. I imagine it would work even better after binding the many other buttons to useful hotkeys. The setup process really needs to be smoother for the standalone version though. I'm comfortable with Linux so it's not really a big deal for me. But either the launcher needs to update to modern GTK or there needs to be an easier way to get GTK2.
  3. Awesome that did do the trick. I think the Steam Deck actually runs Wurm better than my laptop. I wish I could figure out what's causing the zero width window popups from the launcher though. It makes it impossible to use the settings window.
  4. If it's possible it's certainly not trivial yet. The WurmLauncher for the standalone version requires installing gtk2, which requires disabling the read only mode on the filesystem, setting up pacman, and then installing the gtk2 package. You'd also need to repeat this process every time the Steam Deck OS updates, since I think the file system gets overwritten except for what's in the home folder. After installing that the WurmLauncher generated a few single pixel width windows on me which I had to right click on the task in the taskbar to get to the resize option to be able to even interact with them. Once past that the launcher does seem to function fine. Upon launching the game I briefly get the loading screen followed by a NullPointerException crash. I assume when trying to draw the game world or something.
  5. It's not like the game doesn't know what your last state was before it closes.
  6. No idea. And the lack of unique names keeps me from using the same technique.
  7. Totally just realized the number of wurm weeks were all multiples of 4 so they can be represented in wurm months cleanly. Young foal 1 wurm monthAdolescent foal 3 wurm monthsYoung horse 2 wurm monthsAdolescent horse 5 wurm monthsMature horse 4 wurm monthsAged horse 18 wurm monthsOld horse 10 wurm months
  8. While I do enjoy recording data and figuring stuff out. It would be nice if wurm outputted just a bit more informaiton. . I'd still like to get a more accurate estimation on foal traits based on the parents and it would be a lot easier if I could collect the data using a similar process.
  9. Some of them are. This is built from every horse mentioned in every log event. If it has any impact at all it's being averagedin with every other horse I've encountered.
  10. When selling horses, one of the things the customer always seems to want to know is the age of the horse they're buying. It would be a pain to constantly update the age of all my stock, so I decided to figure out instead how long each age lasts so I can programatically estimate a horses age for my sell page. Analyzing 3 years of event logs here's what I came up with [edit] Added the number of wurm months per age Young foal 3 days 4 wurm weeks 1 wurm monthAdolescent foal 10.5 days 12 wurm weeks 3 wurm monthsYoung horse 7 days 8 wurm weeks 2 wurm monthsAdolescent horse 17.5 days 20 wurm weeks 5 wurm monthsMature horse 14 days 16 wurm weeks 4 wurm monthsAged horse 63 days 72 wurm weeks 18 wurm monthsOld horse 35 days 40 wurm weeks 10 wurm monthsThese estimates were based on the timestamp of the event log entries so server uptime and restarts impacts these values. Because they were computed by using an average over the course of 3 years the values should be reasonably accurate assuming an average number of restarts and downtime. And for those curious about how I got these numbers here's what I did. I made a complete listing of all the event logs and made the time stamp for individual entries complete by also including the date. From this I pulled out all entries that reference a horse to further analyze. Wurm is nice enough to include an age as well as the name so this gives me a nice set of sample points with a date, time, horse age, and horse name. From this I calculated transition points: points at which a horse goes from one age to another. In some cases, one log entry has the horse at one age and the next entry it's another age. The actual point the horse switches ages is at some point between these two entries so I assume the mid point. Because the horse could have aged immediatly after the first log entry up to immediatly prior to the following, the maximum error at the midpoint is half the time range. A special case is handled for young foals because if you're near enough when the foal is born, you get a log entry specifically for this event so it's a transition point with no error. Any nonsensical transition points I just discard such as skipping an age or it going backwards. This error is likely due to me not seeing a horse for a very long time or interacting with another horse with the same name that isn't the same horse. To calculate a length of time for a specific age I just take the difference of the dates between the beginning of the age and the begining of the next. The maximum possible error for this length is the sum of the errors on each transition point. Next I filter the results by dropping any lengths of time with a maximum possible error greater than a certain amount. For the output I produced I used a max error of 1.5 days. Because the error is likely non-uniform the actual amount of error will likely have a canceling effect when averaging a number of sampled lengths. There still can be anomolies so I further filter the results by dropping any lengths of time that are well outside the standard deviation. After all this the results were YOUNG_FOAL(Min) - 2 days 10 hours - Max Error: 0 days 2 hoursYOUNG_FOAL(Avg) - 3 days 7 hours - Max Error: 0 days 18 hoursYOUNG_FOAL(Max) - 4 days 6 hours - Max Error: 1 days 3 hoursADOLESCENT_FOAL(Min) - 9 days 13 hours - Max Error: 1 days 7 hoursADOLESCENT_FOAL(Avg) - 10 days 11 hours - Max Error: 1 days 0 hoursADOLESCENT_FOAL(Max) - 11 days 5 hours - Max Error: 1 days 8 hoursYOUNG_HORSE(Min) - 6 days 2 hours - Max Error: 1 days 0 hoursYOUNG_HORSE(Avg) - 7 days 0 hours - Max Error: 0 days 22 hoursYOUNG_HORSE(Max) - 7 days 15 hours - Max Error: 1 days 9 hoursADOLESCENT_HORSE(Min) - 16 days 20 hours - Max Error: 0 days 18 hoursADOLESCENT_HORSE(Avg) - 17 days 15 hours - Max Error: 0 days 21 hoursADOLESCENT_HORSE(Max) - 18 days 12 hours - Max Error: 1 days 2 hoursMATURE_HORSE(Min) - 13 days 0 hours - Max Error: 0 days 10 hoursMATURE_HORSE(Avg) - 13 days 22 hours - Max Error: 0 days 20 hoursMATURE_HORSE(Max) - 14 days 18 hours - Max Error: 1 days 7 hoursAGED_HORSE(Min) - 62 days 1 hours - Max Error: 0 days 1 hoursAGED_HORSE(Avg) - 63 days 5 hours - Max Error: 0 days 20 hoursAGED_HORSE(Max) - 64 days 8 hours - Max Error: 1 days 11 hoursOLD_HORSE(Min) - 33 days 2 hours - Max Error: 0 days 9 hoursOLD_HORSE(Avg) - 34 days 22 hours - Max Error: 0 days 18 hoursOLD_HORSE(Max) - 35 days 17 hours - Max Error: 0 days 23 hoursThe large difference between the minimum and maximum values is likely due to truncation of the data on server restarts similar to how the pregnancy time is truncated. So the maximum values are more likely to be closer to the actual times and an above normal number of server restarts given a time period for a specific age is likely to pull it down near the minimum.
  11. Well I want all the information which is why it'd be nice for examine to include it, but that is a good idea. I could keybind an action that doesn't have an effect on horses but echos the target name and set up another keybind for the examine. And just use both in succession.
  12. We get the parent names, the traits, the gender sneaks its way in, in the form of a single pronoun, and the fact that it is a horse. Unfortunately neither the age nor the name of the horse is included. So as an additional request I'd like the age too .
  13. It'd be quite useful if examining a horse would show its name in the examine text. [Edit] And color please! I imagine this suggestion doesn't benefit many people but I'm guessing it'd also take a very small amount of time to implement. I've been breeding horses regularly in wurm for 3 years now and have been meticulously logging the results of every breed to do fancy things like make family trees and do various statistical analysis. If the horse name were added into the examine text I could automate a lot of the data entry into my database by just examining all my new foals in game, having a script check the event log over the last 10 or so minutes for horse examine text, and automatically add any horse with an unrecognized name which has parents that have entries within the database already.