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  1. Very balanced server, with a nice set of mods, and one of the best communities I've seen so far.
  2. WO Steam Discussion

    I'm fairly certain that this has been suggested already, but I can't find where it was, so here's my suggestion for the new WO Steam cluster: 1. Implement a few QoL changes in the new cluster, as Rolf has already indicated will be open for discussion. 2. Plan a scheduled wipe of the PvE server every 2 years. Make sure the community is crystal clear on the date this will occur. Implement a mechanism to earn "Legacy Points" (or something similar) via accomplishments during their time in game (ie: achieving milestones, earning skill titles, participating in certain large scale encounters, etc.) whereby they can transfer a certain amount of skill, etc. to the new server after the wipe occurs. It's basically a way of acknowledging a player's work during the 2 years and giving them a way of transferring at least some of it (or some other reward they can redeem) once the new map is spun up. I realize there may be push back to this suggestion. No one wants to lose their progress. However, most people do like fresh maps and it is one way to prevent the splintering of the community into several servers over time.
  3. Bump for Zindaria. Great map, great community so far.
  4. Switched my Shares

    Agreed. You typed it faster than I could
  5. Switched my Shares

    That’s a big assumption. How about at least 50% of those people wouldn’t be playing WO at all because they actually ENJOY the more casual, less grindy, more RL-friendly WU servers. It seems arrogant to assume that WO is a superior offering. It wasn’t intended to be that - it serves as another medium for creativity and another style of gameplay. McDonalds doesn’t sell just one sandwich, and for good reason. I play on both WO and WU and appreciate both platforms for different reasons. What WU haters should be doing is asking why 200+ people prefer WU and considering how to leverage it, instead of denying its value. For all the talk about how horrible WU is, you're just as likely to find yourself alone in WO someday.
  6. WO Steam Discussion

    I think a separate Steam cluster is a good move, for the reasons stated. Yes, some veteran players will move to it, or at least try it out - that's the nature of new maps. What I'm curious about is, how will the new Steam WO/cluster differentiate itself from Wurm Unlimited servers - aside from being more persistent/less susceptible to vanishing overnight?
  7. Yeah I guess I was thinking Freedom as I’ve never done PvP
  8. I've played WO a while - 8 years I believe. I like the epic scale of it, but at the same time... since having been introduced to some QoL features in WU, I've began to feel there can be a balance between epic scale and convenience. I'm suggesting we consider adding 4 regional portals at every starter town, to the 4 quadrants of each server (NE, NW, SE, SW), as well as portals between the starter towns on Xanadu. This allows new players exploring a server to more easily reach a desired area at the far end of a server - but it doesn't eliminate risk entirely. The region they teleport to isn't guaranteed to be safe and will have the same dangers - just without the trek from the start deed to the "region" they're heading to. It also is added convenience for the existing player base. I realize some hardcore folks won't like this, and that's just fine. Don't use the portals then. The simple truth is - the game isn't just supported economically by hardcore people. If the game is going to last long term and we hope to add additional players, there has to be a balance between hardcore and convenience, like many of the other improvements/conveniences that have been added over the years.
  9. Nice map. Have you considered adding a few portals to the four corners of the map?
  10. Yeah I can appreciate that. I’m going to continue playing both WO and WU and hopefully positive things will come.
  11. You’re preaching to the wrong crowd brother. I actually would love to see some minor QoL improvements in WO - much like I’ve seen in WU. I’m talking minor but impactful changes that would make the game more real life friendly but no less grindy and still challenging. However I gave up a while ago. Most of the folks here see suggestions like this as “easy mode” or a watered down version of the WO they’ve played for years. They don’t want it more convenient. There’s no right or wrong but I feel you’re wasting your time.
  12. Switched my Shares

    Would you continue to play the game if it no further updates were foreseeable? I probably would - at least casually. In my opinion, a game’s death isn’t decided by factors outside my control. It’s defined by my interest in it. If you don’t want to play it and would rather find something more mainstream/modern - go for it. As long as the subscriptions outweigh the operating expenses, it’s likely the game will continue indefinitely. Look at other legacy games that have been around 20+ years and are still going. Now whether updates will continue or advertising dollars are invested - that’s another story. Bottom line - it’s likely the game will be here in one form or another 10 years from now. The only question is... will you?
  13. No problem - thanks for the heads up.