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  1. No. No. Please, please no. I implore you an behalf of carpenters everywhere to never, ever do this.
  2. Tortoises

    They seem to spawn now and then around N15. There was one out in the water there a week ago maybe, but haven't been by that way since then to see if he is still around. Don't know if it helps, but if I was looking for one, that's where Id go.
  3. This happens to me almost every weekend. You were carrying laundry down the stairs and tripped over the cat. They do it on purpose.
  4. Thanks for the timers Neko! They help out a lot!
  5. Found the horse Huntingballet in the vicinity of O16. [21:07:22] It is being taken care of by Vulltion. [21:07:22] It has been branded by and belongs to the settlement of Dead's End. I couldn't lead it, so its still roaming the area. If you need another, get in touch with me and ill fix you up for free.
  6. I recognize that foot! That's Bob the Lonely Colossus!
  7. Lots of fun as always! Thanks for hosting!
  8. Thanks again for hosting! Always a good time!
  9. I disbanded Wolf Harbor at X28, Y6. Please remove when you have a chance. No rush. Thanks Karthannar!