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  1. Here's a video demonstrating the issue. Not the best quality so you can't see how bad it really is but as you can see the terrain shifts as I move.
  2. Nope no on board graphics. I actually saw that thread about an hour ago, its what got me messing with compatibility settings. I reset my settings to default, that did nothing as well. I'm using windows 7 so its not the Windows 8 to 8.1 issue. My textures don't get jumbled and randomly placed, rather the ground looks like it's being terraformed when I am moving.
  3. Hi all. I just purchased an Nividia GTX 750 graphics card and now I am having weird graphical issues when it comes to the terrain. Whenever I am moving it looks as though the terrain all around me is shifting up and down as if it is being dug/having dirt or sand dropped. When I stand still nothing changes, it is only when I am in motion that things begin to shift up and down. It even affects the coastline, some spots that have water will look as though there is sand until i am very close to it. Grass tiles seem to be normal but sand and dirt (so far) have this issue. I've messed around with my settings for a few hours now to no avail (including the compatibility settings). Kind of at a loss for what to do, the game is almost unplayable like this because it literally hurts my eyes with everything shifting/moving up and down so much. I don't recall experiencing this before I upgraded my GPU (used to have an AMD) Any advice would be appreciated!